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Travel Policy

All University-affiliated travel is restricted until further notice; however, faculty, staff, and students who have an essential reason to travel on behalf of the University can request permission by completing a waiver form. Individuals are encouraged to avoid areas with high numbers of reported cases.

To reference the official University Travel policy, please click here.

Business Travel:

Official University travel for business is defined as any travel that is funded, either partially or entirely, by the University, regardless of the account type used.

The following University travel is deemed permissible:

  • Travel between WIU campuses.
  • University business which involves visiting high school or other college facilities, so long as the visit complies with all protocols instituted by the entity being visited.
  • Travel for meetings at a partner business, so long as the visit complies with all protocols instituted by the business, and the total number of attendees is less than the maximum permitted per Restore Illinois guidelines.
  • Intercollegiate Athletics teams travel is permissible under the guidelines and coordination from the NCAA, Missouri Valley Conference, and Summit League Conference.
  • Travel for the purposes of military service.

The following University travel is not permitted:

  • All conference/workshop travel is canceled until further notice. If conference travel is paid for through personal finances, reimbursement will not be provided to the employee and personal travel guidelines are to be employed.
  • All Study Abroad travel is canceled until further notice.
  • Any travel which involves attending a meeting, workshop, or event with attendance beyond that outlined in the Restore Illinois current phase.

If essential business travel is approved, the following guidelines are expected to be followed:

Domestic Travel (Travel within the United States)
  • Individuals should avoid traveling by public or mass transit (air, train, bus, subway, ride share services, etc.)
  • Individuals must follow the CDC guidelines for domestic travel.
  • Individuals will be responsible for complying with all procedures and protocols instituted by the state/municipality/location to which they are traveling.
International Travel

Personal Travel

Personal travel is defined as travel not funded by the University.

  • In conjunction with the Protect the ‘Necks Pledge, individuals should limit non-essential personal travel in order to protect the University community.
  • WIU encourages employees and students to VOLUNTARILY disclose travel to areas with outbreaks of COVID 19 during the week preceding and the week of the trip so that University administration can work with the individual on the best way to return to campus following their travel. To submit voluntary travel information, please fill out this form
  • If part of any individual’s travel includes traveling via cruise ship or internationally, individuals will be required to quarantine for 14 days before returning to University property and complete the following:
  • Individuals are encouraged to follow domestic travel guidelines provided by the CDC.
  • The University strongly encourages individuals traveling to avoid public and mass transit such as air, train, bus, subway, ride share services, etc.).
  • The University encourages students, faculty, and staff to consult travel advisories issued by the CDC and US. Department of State when traveling.

Commuting to Campus When Living Outside of Illinois

Members of the University Community whose permanent residence is outside of Illinois are expected to follow the Travel Policy with the following considerations:

It is the expectation of the University that when employees and students are performing personal activities such as dining, shopping, running errands, etc. that they at all times follow Illinois guidelines, as it relates to health and safety until the State of Illinois safely enters Phase 5 of the Restore Illinois Plan. Such measures include the wearing of a face covering, maintaining appropriate social distance, etc. even if the business is located outside of the state of Illinois.

Student Travel

In conjunction with the Protect the ‘Necks Pledge and in the best effort to protect members of the WIU community, it will be recommended that student travel outside of Macomb and the nearby surrounding communities be kept to an absolute minimum and only be done when absolutely essential.

Activities and programs are being planned throughout the semester during weekend periods in an effort to keep students on campus. Traveling “home” for visits, work, and other activities is discouraged.

What metrics are used to determine whether quarantine is needed after Travel?

The intent of the COVID-19 related travel policy is to limit business travel to only essential business of the University as well as provide guidance and to work with those who decide to travel for personal reasons to ensure they are doing so in a safe manner to help protect others of the WIU campus community. Individuals will not be told that they cannot travel, but rather will be consulted on the best way to return to campus upon return.

Metrics to determine when an individual will be instructed to quarantine after travel include the following (referencing the Global Harvard Health Institute mapping system to reference the individual’s county of travel):

  • GREEN category no precautions are needed.
  • YELLOW category: suggest self-monitoring for symptoms and daily temperature checks but no quarantine.  
  • ORANGE or RED category: suggest self-monitoring for symptoms, daily temperature checks, and quarantine with no physical presence on campus for 14 days.

Additional information pertaining to the details of travel (if provided) are also considered including:

  • Mode/Method of travel throughout the trip
  • The activities being performed while traveling
  • If the individual will be within 6 feet of others during or after the trip
  • If the individual will be in groups of people of more than what the State of IL is recommending

All travel will be assessed to the best of our abilities to determine what is best for the employee as well as to help protect others of the WIU campus community.

Travel leading up to fall 2020 Opening

As the University prepares for fall 2020 opening, the following recommendations are being provided in an effort to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

  • The University is asking all students to VOLUNTARILY quarantine a minimum of 14 days before coming to campus in August.
  • If a WIU employee has not been on the Macomb or QC Campus in the past 14 days, the University is requesting that individuals VOLUNTARILY quarantine a minimum of 14 days before coming to campus.

The intent behind this process is for the University to establish, to the best of its ability, a “baseline” for all individuals as testing and other monitoring techniques may be limited or unavailable as the academic year begins.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the protocols may result in disciplinary action through Human Resources or conduct processes. Disclosure of personal travel is voluntary, however, it is the expectation of Western Illinois University that all members of the University community will use safe and sound judgement when making travel related decisions.