Administrative Services

Sustainability Committee Meeting
9/8/15, 2:30pm, Physical Plant Large Training Room


Present (voting members): Alexa Ashenhurst, Scott Coker, Ann Comerford, Shelby Eck, Mandi Green, Bill Knox, Amy Mossman, Steve Whan, Ryan Zurek (Co-chair)
Nonvoting members: Robin Bauerly, Reed Duyvejonck, Emily Henkelman, Ted Renner, Brian Richter
Guests: Brandon Colley and Matt Mencel
Absent (voting members): Carol Clemons, Timothy Collins, Mindy Pheiffer, Joe Roselieb

NOTE: for the benefit of the new group of attendees, the following is a list of the 2015-2016 voting members:

  • the Director of Facilities Management: Scott Coker (Co-Chair)
  • the Sustainability Coordinator: Mandi Green
  • a representative from the Environmental Summit Planning Committee: Tim Collins
  • two faculty or staff recommended by the Office of the Provost and Academic Vice President: Amy Mossman, Mindy Pheiffer
  • two students, one recommended by the Inter-Hall Council and one recommended by the Office of Student Activities: Ryan Zurek, empty
  • two staff members recommended by the Vice President of Advancement and Public Services: Alexa Ashenhurst, Shelby Eck
  • two staff members recommended by the Vice President for Student Services: Joe Roselieb, Ann Comerford
  • one staff member recommended by the Vice President for Administrative Services: Carol Clemmons
  • one staff member recommended by the Vice President for Quad Cities and Planning: Steve Wahn
Old Business
  1. Farm to Fork Meal Update (Ann Comerford?)

    Heather McIlvaine-Newsad, Ann Comerford and Joel Gruver are the committee members. Mandi Green and Brian Richter would like to participate in the meetings as they would like the Living Learning Center to participate in fall 2016.

    Joel gave the report: the event will be held in a dining facility; approximately 100 participants; a celebrity chef format; October 21, Campus Sustainability Day; location to be announced. The committee role is promotion and encouragement. Contact Ann Comerford if you would like to help.
New Business
  1. Potential PC and Mac desktop power conservation software via DCEO Grant Initiative (Brandon Colley and Matt Mencel)

    An Illinois grant program (DCEO Initiative) has been brought to the attention of some of us in UTech regarding the management of PC and Mac desktops for power conservation. This basically means desktops would be powered off or hibernated in the evenings when they are not in use. They could be powered back on remotely for maintenance and updates.

    We believe this program could provide some cost savings to the university, minus the cost of the software to manage it. We have about 2500 desktops on campus and the software we currently have is estimating about $60,000 of power use per year, though that may be an average cost for power across the US and may not be accurate for what we pay here in Western Illinois.

    We are looking at this software and have contacted the vendor to get a better idea on the implementation requirements and potential cost.

    This is not a proposal that we in UTech think weshould implement without buy in from the university community. Would this project be something the Sustainability Committee would like to help sponsor and promote? We think this probably should go through IT Governance.

    If you are interested in having a conversation about this let me know.

    Matt Mencel
    UTech – Infrastructure

    Discussion: The purpose of the introduction is to determine the Sustainability Committee’s interest and support.
    • Options to program: set sleep mode in Windows when imaging computers.
    • Campaign to have individuals take charge (University Chairs Council)
    • Turn on equipment as needed (not all at beginning of day)
    • Check on University policy if employees are to turn off systems at end of day
    • Do more research on actual power usage
    • Check with IT governance
    • Receive statement of official and campus support
  2. Climate change video viewing series and discussion (Linda Zellmer)

    The Weather Channel has a series of videos called Climate 25 that has 25 influential people talking about Climate Change. I have been thinking of trying to do an organized viewing of them with a discussion afterwards. Ideally, I would love to have it in the evening so that the general public could participate. We have space in the Library where we could do this.

    The Sustainability Committee will support and co-sponsor the event(s) only if the quality of the videos is good.
  3. Committee meeting location and time.

    Janine Cavicchia has queried about the possibility of us meeting in the Multicultural Center Board Room.

    The Multicultural Center does not have two way video capabilities. Facilities Management large training room will continue to be used at this time.

    Amy will set up a Doodle Poll to select a time that is convenient for those who are unable to attend due to class schedules.
  4. Co-chair and secretary for sustainability committee for 2015-16.

    Ryan Zurek and Robin Bauerly have been voted in as new Co-chair and secretary respectively.

  5. Student representatives to the committee (Inter Hall Council and Office of Student Activities?)

    Ryan Zurek has been appointed as Inter Hall Council. Office of Student Activities is currently unfilled.
  6. QC representative to the committee?

    Steve Whan will remain as QC representative.
  7. Potential speaker on Midwest air and water pollution (Peter Cole has a connection)

    Meleah Geertsma (Chicago-based) is an Attorney with NRDC’s Midwest Program, where she focuses on strategies for reducing air and water pollution in Midwest states, as well as national policies for controlling methane from the oil and gas sector. Possible speaker for October or April? If there is interest, Peter is happy to follow up with Meleah. Peter suggested perhaps pre-law/Honors would be interested in co-sponsoring along w/ IIRA? And maybe Women's Center might wish to be involved?

    Amy will email a link to Geertsma’s information. Perhaps the Prairielands Environmental Summit would be interested as well.
    The Summit is going to follow a different format in the spring and may not have a keynote speaker.
    Ryan suggested the Honor Society Green Party and the University Theme Committee for additional funding.
  1. Campus Sustainability budget reduction: loaded at $3100 (75%); if we get the additional 25%, we’ll have a budget of $4133, which is down $4K from last year. Amy was told that the budget was cut was in order to meet the President's office share of the budget cuts for this year. Most all lines were cut in order to achieve the desired cuts this year, without having to cut personnel.

    Current funding:
    $1500 for Environmental Summit
    $750 for LLC (FY16)
    $2500 for student awards: reduce to 1 student award/semester totaling $500/year
    Subcommittee for student awards: Mandi Green, Ted Renner, Joel Gruver and Bill Knox
  2. No Brownbaggers this fall while IIRA is rethinking format, purpose, etc.
  3. Timothy Collins will call a Prairie Lands Environmental Summit meeting soon.
  4. Horn Field Campus 50-year celebration is scheduled for Saturday, September 26, from 5-7 pm.
  5. Reminder of University Theme for the 2015-16 year: "Environment: A Foundation for Social Responsibility." Our climate is changing and now more than ever, the interests of people and the planet are bound together and depend upon each other. A healthy natural environment is good for human well-being, and it is our social responsibility as a society to ensure that all people have access to the resources they need to live happy, healthy and successful lives. This is no easy task, as we face widening social and economic inequalities and accelerating damage to the natural environment. These changes force us to re-examine how we choose to live our lives.

Campaign for turning off lights, cpus etc. Work with Campus Greens.

“Unplug, Turn off, Shut Down”

WESL, April Wilcoxen, has a class project of recycling of utensils (pencils, pens, expo markers, etc.). Please contact April if interested in recycling used writing utensils.

The meeting adjourned at 3:40pm.