Administrative Services

Sustainability Committee Meeting

2/9/15, 1:30pm, Facilities Management Large Training Room


Present (voting members): Carol Clemons, Scott Coker, Ann Comerford, Shelby Eck, Amy Mossman, Mindy Pheiffer, Joe Roselieb, Steve Whan,
Nonvoting members: Robin Bauerly, Tara Beal, Natalie Divan, Mandi Green, Tommy LeGrand, Gordon Rands, Ted Renner, William K. Schmidt, Jane Simkins, Neal Thurman, Tim White, Linda Zellmer
Absent (voting members): Alexa Ashenhurst, Timothy Collins, Ryan Zurek

Approval of 12/8/15 Minutes: unanimously approved

General Announcements:
  • Campus energy audit on hold pending a budget, but we do have electric and water meetings on every building.
  • Jolene Willis alerted Facilities to a Solar PV grant opportunity for which we’ve applied.
  • The Environmental Summit will be 3/30, 10am until 2 or 3pm in the Sandburg Theatre.
Earth Fest:
  • Student organizers asked about possible funding again this year. The event will be held on April 23, 2016 at Chandler Park. Activities last year included: free cycle, music, Mr. and Mrs. Earthfest, yoga, hula hoops, Earth Café (eco footprint), and bag tournament.
  • The committee agreed to support Earth Fest again, up to $500, pending a budget request from the organizers and budget spending approval from administration. Amy Mossman will send the organizers budget requests from prior years.
Open positions on Committee:
  • Tommy LeGrand will be a student voting member of the committee, since we are short one student.
  • Joe Roselieb will contact Ryan Zurek to see if he wants to continue as our other student voting member.
  • Amy Mossman will resume co-chair responsibilities.
  • In the fall the committee will look at the overall membership positions.
Sustainability Coordinator position:
  • Despite the loss of the Sustainability Coordinator position, Facilities Management will continue to install bottle filling stations, Rocky Bikes (which will be placed at Transportation Services), Recyclemania, etc. They have installed all 22 refill stations they had in stock.
  • Neal Thurman is covering Recyclemania. He is collecting the pre-season data, our rankings are middlish, he has not done a lot of advertising yet—flyers mostly, will likely have a table in the Union Concourse and the residence halls; and will move the pledge tree to the halls.
  • Ann noted that buy-in on campuses is difficult. A written pledge helps with commitment. The tree is a reminder. The pledge has a Face Book page. Natalie will revise the website listed on the pledge card to make it more manageable as she handles the social media for Facilities Management.
Living Learning Community (LLC):

Amy Mossman

  • LLC is on hold. Enrollment is down and they need 80 students to fill the floor. It will not be launched this fall but will be revisited for next fall (2017). The advertising is out and UHDS will track interest. The Sustainability Committee can be its home, but need to fill the floor.
  • Joe Roselieb will help Linda Zellmer with the Sustainability listserv (adding/deleting users) as she will be out in March.
  • Sustainability reporting to awards will continue.
  • Any white t-shirts collected at moveout, please give to Linda Zellmer. Any obtained at free Cycle, can also go to Linda. These do not need to be new; may be well worn and stained.
  • Ideas for Recycling props at Earthfest: Mandi indicated that last year they had posters, a palate of computer parts, a paper “cube” (guess the weight), etc. Anne will follow up with Tom regarding Sodexho’s props for recycling and their farm and fork event.
  • Mandi also indicated that she attended basketball and volleyball games to promote recycling.
  • Tara Beal: WIU received the Tree Campus USA award again. Fourth year in a row. A press release should be coming out soon. Arbor Day is the last day in April so Tara will have another We Care event in which the tree will be planted (April 29th, Friday) and they will do some mulching, etc.
  • Mandi expressed her thanks for the support committee members have given her during her position reassignment.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40pm.