Administrative Services

Vehicle Pick-up

All vehicles are dispatched from the Transportation Services Garage. Drivers should present their email confirmation just prior to the requested leave time. All drivers must present a valid driver's license (Information about driving permits/licenses) at the time of dispatch. Drivers without valid licenses will be unable to drive.

Drivers are required to initial as confirmation that the vehicle will be inspected by them prior to leaving the Transportation Services parking lot. A copy of the request form and the vehicle key are then given to the driver. A refueling card will be issued when necessary.

Drivers are required to record the start and finish odometer readings on the request form. Return the request form, key, refueling card and any receipts to Transportation Services at the completion of the trip.

Transportation Services must be notified prior to any trip requiring multiple drivers. Passing keys between drivers is not permitted unless all of the drivers for the trip are listed on the request and all of the drivers present a valid drivers license at the time of vehicle dispatch.

It is the driver's responsibility to pick up the vehicle or vehicle keys during normal business hours. Public Safety personnel will not provide access to Transportation Services after hours to provide vehicle keys for scheduled trips. If a Transportation Services employee has to be called in for an after-hours pick up, there will be an $85 charge.