Administrative Services

Letterhead and Envelope Procedures

correct location of logo on envelopes

Customers may order letterhead and envelopes online.

DPS provides proofs in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format via e-mail. (DPS can provide hardcopy proofs and proof cards upon request for those who do not have e-mail access.) Clients should carefully review proofs and mark any necessary changes. Clients may sign off on a project without further changes or with changes as indicated. DPS requires a client's explicit approval (via e-mail or handwritten signature) before printing a project; the client assumes the cost for all reprinting that results from errors not discovered on an approved proof.

Allow ten days following the approval of the proof for delivery of letterhead and envelopes.

In addition to corresponding envelopes for letterhead, DPS also produces a wide variety of envelopes designed for other purposes. Visit our website at or contact us for more information.