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Five Reasons Why Gardening is Good for Health

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Help mom to health this Mother's Day and give the gift that keeps on giving! As mothers, we tend to take more care of others than we do ourselves in some cases, but there is one way that can help all mothers to health this Mother's Day. Plant a garden! Read more.

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BYOP - Bring Your Own Platter

One of the most challenging parts of the holiday season is finding tasty, yet healthy treats.

Five Ways to Eat Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are in peak season, so now is the perfect time to add them to your grocery cart and your weekly menu.

Diabetes-Friendly Dishes: Fitting in Holiday Favorites

Simple ingredient substitutions and simple cooking techniques are all you need to save calories and carbohydrates throughout the season.

Keep the Peanuts, Lose the Butter

Simply put, powdered peanut butter is made by pressing peanuts to remove most of the fat and oil, while leaving all the slow-roasted peanut taste.

Hy-Vee HealthMarket Powdered Peanut Butter

Powdered peanut butter is the Dietitan Pick of the Month for November 2014.

Pop Up A Halloween Treat

Creating a healthy Halloween holiday may seem challenging at times, especially since kids often have multiple celebrations: at school, with friends and in the community trick-or-treating.

Pop Up Some Whole Grains

Did you know the average American eats 204 cups of popcorn annually?

Beans - They're Good for Your Heart... and your Budget!

Did you know beans count as both a protein and a vegetable serving? They contribute over nine essential nutrients.

An Apple a Day. In a New Way!

Sweet, tart, crisp or crunchy - no matter what your preference, there's a variety of apple that's perfect for you!

Pick Pork!

Pork is often overlooked as a healthy choice. Perhaps it's because cuts like bacon, spare ribs and sausage get more attention today.


The dietitian pick for the month of September is beans - black, pinto, kidney and navy.

Breakfast Just Makes Cents

Did you know you could have breakfast in less than one minute and for less than one dollar? Cereal is one of the most traditional breakfast foods out there.

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