May 2, 2019

DWDI: Foundational Bias Training Worship
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Complex Building C Atrium, Quad Cities Complex
For the 26th Annual Dealing with Difference Institute 2019: Confronting Bias for Equity and Peace, Bill de la Cruz will facilitate

Foundational Bias Training

Implicit and explicit biases are impacting our relationships with self and others every minute of every day. This training is designed for individuals who want to understand how biases are formed and understand the origination point of our biases. The origination point is the place of healing and understanding. We will normalize the bias conversations through experiential processes designed to take participants deeper into vulnerability-based trust.

• Build deeper relationships beyond name and title
• Understand how to use purposeful conversations to drive authentic actionable conversations
• Use deep listening as a tool for growth
• Understand the emotional and behavioral impacts of bias in our relationships
• Normalize conversations on bias
• Create daily practices to actualize bias and inclusion work within personal and professional relationships
• Understand the connection of our past biased experiences to our current interactions with colleagues, students and community members

Bill de la Cruz is an inspiring leader who has been guiding individuals and groups through the process of personal transformation as a mediator and workshop leader for 30 years. He developed his programs and workshops to help individuals and groups build self-awareness, enhance relationships and to help foster positive, sustainable personal growth. Bill has been on his own personal growth journey for more than 40 years which inspired him to develop specific practices designed to help create positive, lasting change.

Sponsored by WIU’s Expanding Cultural Diversity Project (ECDP)
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