September 4, 2013

Analysis of Third Variables I: Conditional Effects and Moderation Analysis Using SPSS and PROCESS
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location: Malpass Library, Room 180
Description: Understanding how a third variable affects the relationship between two other variables has gained considerable attention in recent years. Analyses that provide evidence of conditional effects or moderation (e.g., “when” or “for whom” an effect emerges) have had a long history in the social and behavioral sciences. Moderation analyses, however, often require researchers to perform complex coding schemes, multiple steps, or multiple analyses entirely. A recently developed, free custom dialogue for SPSS (PROCESS; Hayes [2013]) automates much of and greatly reduces the complexity and time required to evaluate moderation hypotheses. This workshop will provide a brief overview of conditional effects and moderation, instructions for downloading and installing PROCESS, as well as how to use it to test for interactions (e.g., moderation). Prior familiarity with SPSS, interactions, and multiple regression will be helpful. A second workshop in this series will feature mediation (e.g., “how” an effect occurs) and how to evaluate meditational hypotheses using SPSS and PROCESS.
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