Child and Family Connections Listing of Illinois Illinois Department of Human Services- Bureau of Early Intervention Early Intervention
Revised – May 2018

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Special Notes:

* When a zip code crosses county lines, Cook Child and Family Connections will serve the portion that falls within Cook County. ** Toll free numbers are only accessible within Illinois. All other states must use the local number listed. *** CFCs that are Satellite Offices- CFC 27 reports to CFC 17, CFC 28 reports to CFC 14 & CFC 29 reports to CFC 1

If you have any questions or have changes regarding this listing, please call Jenni Grissom at IDHS, Bureau of Early Intervention at 217/782-1981.

If you would like more information on Early Intervention, please visit our website at and look review the brochures and manuals sections.

Revised – February 2019

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