Assessment, Accreditation and Strategic Planning

FY14-16 Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan Background

Western Illinois University's Long Term Planning Team was established in fall 2012 and followed a model prepared by the Association of Governing Boards ( to evaluate 20-year trends in higher education (current and projected) to determine if the University's Higher Values in Higher Education strategic plan has successfully prepared the University to address the trends.

The Team began its work with a presentation open to the university community on The Future of Higher Education: Issues, Policies, and Trends. This was presented by two staff members from the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The team meet 14 times, completed extensive readings, and engaged in an iterative drafting process to develop the Long Term Plan for Western Illinois University 2012-2032. The Plan was endorsed by all campus governance groups and approved for implementation by the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees in June 2013.

Team Membership | IBHE Presentation | Meeting Schedule | Reading Materials | Long Term Plan June 2013 PDF File

Long Term Plan Updates

Each fall, the Western Illinois University University Board of Trustees received an annual Long Term Plan Update. This update summarizes annual institutional plans and accomplishments.