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Academic/Administrative Personnel

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Hiring Academic and Administrative Employees

Before the hiring process can begin, the Request to Fill an Academic or Administrative Position form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate vice president for approval.

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Request to Fill an Academic or Administrative Position

This form is used to secure funds for the position. The completed form should be forwarded for administrative approval. An approved copy of the Request to Fill an Academic or Administrative Position (MS Word) is sent to the person originally submitting the form. The position can then be advertised. The Affirmative Action Recruitment and Hiring Manual outlines all the necessary steps to be taken when hiring Administrative and Academic positions. This manual should be followed and is available in the Affirmative Action office.

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Employment Offer Approval Form

This Employment Offer Approval Form (MS Word) is required for all new employees who are hired in positions 50 percent or more. Please refer to instructions located in this handbook in the area of Human Resources - Affirmative Action.

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Personal Data Sheet

Complete this Personal Data Sheet (MS Word) for a new employee. Forward the Personal Data Sheet with an Offering Letter to Academic Personnel.

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Offering Letters

An Offering Letter serves as the legally binding contract between the future employee and the University, thus its contents must be correct and precise. There are three basic types of offering letters. Depending on employee type, any new appointment would require one of these letters:

1. New Administrative Appointment
2. Tenure-Track Faculty Appointment
3. Temporary Faculty/Administrative Appointment

Temporary appointments would require a letter each employment period. Regular ongoing faculty and administrators do not require reappointment letters each year.

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Academic Absence Report

The Academic/Administrative Personnel Request for Leave with Pay form must be completed and all copies submitted to the appropriate supervisor whenever an absence is requested or reported.

The Request for Leave Without Salary form must be submitted for advance approval.

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Academic Employee Enrollment in Courses

The Academic Employee Request for Tuition Waiver for Enrollment in University Courses form must be completed, signed by the employee, and submitted to the department director/chair, the dean, and the Provost's Office for approval. The Provost's Office will distribute copies to the appropriate offices once approved.

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Supplemental Payments

Academic (Faculty and Administrative) employees who have provided services/duties outside of their regular position, may be entitled to payment through a Supplemental Payment Request. Supplemental payments require several signatures for approval and must go through the payroll process where appropriate deductions are withheld.

Supplemental Payment Request

Forms may be obtained by contacting Academic Personnel or by using the above Supplemental Payment Request link.

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