Administrative Procedures Handbook

Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS)

Last Modified: November 03, 2010

Phone: 309/298-1944

The University provides centralized information system services and support through Administrative Information Management Systems. The major services available are listed below.


Administration and Planning

  • General Policy
  • Facilities Planning
  • Hardware and Software Acquisitions
  • Consolidated Maintenance Contracts
  • Contract Review for Data Processing Issues

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Administrative Systems

  • System Analysis and Evaluation in IBM-centric Processor Related Systems
  • Systems Design and Implementation
  • Programming
  • Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Establishment and Maintenance of Western Illinois University Systems Standards

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Purchased Application Systems

All such systems, no matter how acquired, must be approved by AIMS to ensure that interfacing and connectivity standards are met and that data integrity is maintained.

All other hardware and software Requests for Purchase for items which attach to or run on the Central Processor must be submitted to AIMS for review in a timely manner.

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All Administrative Systems

Please consult with AIMS before proposing or committing to any changes which may affect database content, data integrity, security, and the structure and format of input or output media, or which may create interfacing problems.

In addition, all major systems initiatives must be approved by the Internal Auditor.

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Emergency Notification

AIMS also supports emergency notification. Western Illinois University has recently implemented the WIU Emergency Alert System (WEAS) to allow University officials the ability to reach all students and employees with time-sensitive information during emergencies using voice, e-mail, and text messaging. During critical situations, WEAS will be used to broadcast pertinent information and provide details on the appropriate response.

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Mailing Labels

AIMS provides the University community with mailing labels, listings, or downloads of selected, non-sensitive data for University-related purposes only.

The user must secure permission in advance and be willing to explain the purpose of the mailing, provide samples of the copy to be mailed, and provide a list of potential addresses.

Further specifications and guidelines regarding mailing labels and other custom forms can be obtained from AIMS.

Charges, if any, may be estimated by calling AIMS.

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 Mass E-mail and Phone Messaging

AIMS has the capability to send mass e-mailings or telephone messages for qualified university departments and organizations. Requests may be initiated by completing the WIU Campus Email Announcements request. All requests must be approved by a vice president.  Details can be located on the AIMS website here.

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WIUP Training

The Vice President for Administrative Services office provides new employee training on computer security and access to the WIUP Administrative Information Management Systems for viewing personnel and payroll data on-line. This training is required and takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Please contact the Vice President for Administrative Services office at 298-1800 or e-mail to arrange an appointment to complete this requirement.

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