Administrative Procedures Handbook

Appropriate Use Procedures

  • Use only those computing resources that they are authorized to use and use them only in the manner and to the extent authorized.

    Individual positions must be analyzed to determine the potential vulnerabilities associated with work in those positions. The WIU Internal Auditing office, working in cooperation with the various electronic services administrators, has designated specific computer positions (both Civil Service and Administrative/Professional) as requiring background checks prior to employment, due to the sensitive and/or extensive access personnel in these positions have to our computerized information systems. It may also be appropriate for certain divisions to designate locations as sensitive and to require appropriate procedures and safeguards for all employees whose duties include access to those areas (e.g. the Morgan Data Center).

    Upon termination of a person who occupies a position of special trust or responsibility, or is working in a sensitive area, management shall immediately revoke all access authorizations to computing resources.
  • Users must not make unauthorized attempts to circumvent the security mechanisms of any university system.
  • Users must not attempt to degrade system performance or capability, or attempt to damage systems, software or intellectual property of others.
  • Users must avoid unauthorized viewing or use of another person's computer files, programs, accounts, and data.
  • All new employees and student workers must have computer security awareness training. The University shall also provide an ongoing awareness and training program in information security and in the protection of computer resources for all personnel whose duties bring them into contact with critical or sensitive university computer resources or data. Including but not limited to training related to ethics, FERPA, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, Red Flag and the Identity Protection Act.
  • Users and areas must comply with all administrative the University Technology section of the Administrative Procedures Handbook.
  • With the intent of returning you a functional and safe computer as quickly as possible, the university reserves the right to wipe and reinstall university owned or operated computers back to a standard university image. By default data will not be retained. Retaining data will require a signed data transfer form.
  • Honor copyright restrictions on electronic material