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Queer Studies Minor

Interdisciplinary Minor in Queer Studies

WIU offers a minor in Queer Studies that provides a broad interdisciplinary investigation of sexuality as a crucial aspect of human experience, integrating the study of sexuality and gender identity and expression into such fields as art, literature, film, psychology, sociology, biology, and education.

This undergraduate program encourages students to question the meaning of sexual norms in a wide variety of cultural contexts. It fosters understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual sexualities. Courses focus on the ways that sexuality shapes social traditions and identities, as well as how such factors as race, class, and gender intersect with sexuality. These courses also challenge the privileging of certain categories over others, examining how such social hierarchies function.

The minor stresses the importance of sexuality in all aspects of human activity and problematizes such terms as “natural” and “normal,” which are used to consecrate certain sexual expressions and vilify others. Queer Studies offers students not only the opportunity to analyze the world in which they live, but also the chance to create the means to re-envision society and enact social change.

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The Queer Studies minor requires a total of 16 sh, with two required core courses and 9 sh of directed electives, chosen according to students’ interests.

haring photo @ Keith Haring Foundation
haring photo @ Keith Haring Foundation

Minor Requirements:

Required Core Courses (7 s.h.):
  • QS 100 Introduction to Queer Studies
  • QS 400 Advanced Topics in Queer Studies
Directed Electives (9 s.h.) chosen from:
  • ENG 359 LGBT Topics in Literature
  • FL/GER 480 Sexuality in German & Austrian Literature
  • PSY 355 Psychology of Sexual Orientation
  • SOC 427 Sociology of Sexual Identities & Inequalities
  • WS 455 Feminist Theory & Practice

The undergraduate catalog provides more detail, including a full list of the courses offered by the department.


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