History - Teacher Education Certificate Program

The Department of History, in combination with the College of Education and Human Services, offers a bachelor of arts degree in History - Teacher Education that will lead to certification, enabling Western Illinois University graduates to teach in high schools. Our four-year program (120 s.h.) includes student teaching at a number of schools in Illinois. 



Tips and Advice for Those Seeking Teaching Positions

History Student-Teachers Back on Campus


History - Teacher Education majors should also consult the Teacher Education Handbook  as well as  WIU's Teacher Education Program.

History - Teacher Education majors have very specific General Education requirements but take the same History Core Courses as other History majors. The state of Illinois now requires that all candidates seeking licenses to teach History must also be qualified to teach all other social studies subjects. Our program is designed to ensure that you pass the State Subject Matter Certification Exam, which covers that full range of social studies subjects, including History. Upon graduation, WIU graduates will be licensed to teach secondary school History and social studies in the state of Illinois. The state has reciprocity agreements with a number of other states as well, allowing those certified to teach in Illinois to gain a license in those additional states.

All History - Teacher Education majors must meet with the Undergraduate History Advisor, Ellen Poulter, prior to registration each semester, to plan their programs and ensure their timely progress toward their degree.


History Teacher Ed Student-Teacher Grace Griffin with her teaching supervisors


For further information about majoring in History - Teacher Education at Western Illinois University, please contact the Department of History at (309)298-1053 or contact the History - Teacher Education Coordinator, Dr. Ute Chamberlin (UE-Chamberlin@wiu.edu), or the Undergraduate Advisor, Ellen Poulter (E-Poulter@wiu.edu).

For all History - Teacher Education requirements please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Minor in Middle-Level Social Studies Teaching
24 s.h.
1. HIST 115, 116; GEOG 100; POLS 267; SSED 390
15 s.h.
2. Directed Electives
9 s.h.
a. Two upper-division courses from History Directed Electives Area I (U.S. History)
6 s.h.
b. One upper-division course from History Directed Electives Area II (Wold History)
3 s.h.