Contemporary United States Studies Minor

The multidisciplinary Contemporary United States Studies minor is:

Useful: gain insights, knowledge, and skills applicable to many different careers

Flexible: create your own program from an extensive menu of electives

Innovative: learn about our complex and diverse nation from different perspectives and multiple approaches

Unique: there is no other program like it in the U.S.A.


Take BOTH of these:
  • HIST 106 (U.S. History 1877 to the Present)  and
  • POLS 122 (American Government and Politics)
Take ONE of these:
  • AAS 100 (Introduction to African American Studies)  or
  • SOC 100 (Introduction to Sociology)
And take THREE of these:
  • AAS 255 (Introduction to Migration and Urbanization of African Americans) - or- AAS 325 (The Black Family)
  • ENG 334 (Studies in Twentieth-Century American Literature) -or- ENG 337 (Contemporary English Literature)
  • HIST 418 (Emergence of Modern America) -or- HIST 419 (Recent America)
  • MUS 195 (American Popular Music)
  • POLS 317 (The Congress) - or- POLS 318 (The Presidency)
  • REL 301 (Religion in America)
  • SOC 250 (American Institutions) - or- SOC 370 (American Family)
  • WS 310 (Black Women in the United States) - or- WS 370 (Women in Popular Culture)

For more information, contact the Department of History at JL-McNabb@wiu.edu or (309) 298-1053 or the Department of Political Science at KA-Boeckelman@wiu.edu or (309) 298-1055.