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Academic Services

Academic Advising

At Western Illinois University, academic advising is an intentional, educational partnership between advisors and students. Grounded in teaching and learning, and approached from a developmental perspective, this multidimensional process considers and respects students’ diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities, while facilitating the identification and achievement of educational, career, and life goals. Every student is assigned an academic advisor based on the student’s major or admission program. Once a student is admitted, information about the advisor can be found on the online student record system (STARS).

Advising and Academic Services Center
Memorial Hall Lower Level; (309) 298-1846 or -1871

The University Advising and Academic Services Center (UAASC) is responsible for the academic advisement of University Advising students (students who are exploring their major options), freshmen admitted through the Office of Academic Services (OAS), students in the Transitional Advising Program (students looking to gain entrance into their major), area high school students taking college classes while still in high school, and guest students. Members of the UAASC staff work with all incoming freshmen and transfer students at registration programs. During the school year, the UAASC helps students resolve academic problems, aids in the choice of majors and careers, and provides information about classes, programs, tutoring resources, and University procedures and requirements.

Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS)
Sherman Hall 110; (309) 298-3101

This Faculty Senate council (CAGAS) may be contacted through the Office of the Registrar in Sherman Hall. Undergraduate students seeking information concerning academic appeals (e.g., late withdrawals, course substitutions, and waivers of University requirements) may contact CAGAS at (309) 298-3101 or CAGAS@wiu.edu. Students filing such appeals may send them to CAGAS, Sherman Hall 110.

Global Education and Outreach
Horrabin Hall 6; (309) 298-1929

The School of Global Education and Outreach (wiu.edu/global) includes the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree program, the Interdisciplinary Studies degree program, noncredit programs, distance learning, and international studies.

The School provides educational and public service opportunities through a variety of delivery technologies. Courses are offered in more than two dozen disciplines each term. Extension coursework is delivered on-site or through distance learning technology to locations throughout Illinois. WIU also provides online courses which allow individuals to study wherever they may be located.

The School administers the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree program and Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is a fully online, innovative approach to undergraduate education designed for students who are place-bound by work and/or family responsibilities. The School also coordinates the National Fire Academy higher education curriculum program that provides opportunities for fire service personnel to earn credits leading to a bachelor’s degree and certification through the National Fire Academy. An undergraduate certificate is available in Fire Administration and Management or Fire Prevention Technology.

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree program offers a creative alternative for students interested in emerging fields, such as youth leadership, renewable energy and biofuels technology, renewable energy and wind technology, and renewable energy policy, planning, and management, and more generally for students whose academic needs and interests do not conform to the traditional academic major. The Interdisciplinary Studies degree program offers an individually designed curriculum option and is tailored to the personal academic and professional objective of each student


A wide variety of programs in the form of conferences, workshops, short-term international programs, sponsored credit, and residential programs are coordinated through the Office of Study Abroad and Outreach. Staff develop programs independently as well as in cooperation with University departments.

The Distance Learning office provides testing services as needed to students in the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree program and for online courses that require proctored exams. Distance Learning also provides coordination and scheduling of all online course offerings, assists in the development of new online courses, and provides guidelines and general oversight to ensure academic quality of distance learning courses.

Another component of the School is the Center for International Studies. This office is involved in coordination with government agencies for visas and immigration problems; provides an orientation program for new international students; coordinates special programs such as International Neighbors and Conversation Partners; University representation for international and intercultural matters; and publicity related to all University international activities. The Western English as a Second Language (WESL) Institute provides an intensive program in academic English for international students who are preparing to enter an American college or university. The Office of Study Abroad and Outreach sponsors a variety of educational programs in more than 60 countries worldwide. Students may participate in Study Abroad throughout the year.

Graduate Studies
Sherman Hall 116; (309) 298-1806

The School of Graduate Studies (wiu.edu/grad) is the coordinating agency for the University’s graduate programs. The Graduate School processes graduate student admissions, writes graduate assistantship contracts, verifies degree completion, and provides numerous services to all graduate students at the University. The School of Graduate Studies is responsible for implementing the policies, procedures, and academic standards established by the Graduate Council, a representative body elected by members of the graduate faculty.

Sherman Hall 110; (309) 298-1891

The Office of the Registrar (wiu.edu/registrar) determines the residency status of students, administers the registration of students, verifies degree completion, maintains student academic records, and reviews applications for undergraduate readmission. The office is also responsible for certifying NCAA academic eligibility, issuing official transcripts and verifications, printing diplomas, publishing class schedules, coordinating Commencement, issuing grade reports, processing student requests to change a major, minor, or address, and administering academic room scheduling. The Office of the Registrar also facilitates the GradTrac program.

University Libraries
(309) 298-2762

University Libraries is an integral part of life and learning at Western Illinois University. University Libraries houses an extensive collection and offers online database access to thousands of academic periodic journals and publications. University Libraries provides research assistance; instruction in library use; group study space; and student access to computers, printers, wireless Internet, scanning stations, and digital commons. University Libraries participates in several consortiums and can borrow materials through the interlibrary loan process in a fairly timely manner.

The Leslie F. Malpass Library in Macomb is the main branch and provides an inviting environment for research and study. The library houses the University Archives and Special Collections, Government, Legal, Spatial and Data Services, and Reference Units. The Macomb campus also has two specialized branch libraries for music and curriculum. The WIU—Quad Cities Library in Moline is a microcosm of University Libraries and offers a collection specifically tailored to Quad Cities students. It provides access to the same materials as the Macomb libraries.

For more information, please visit wiu.edu/libraries or telephone (309) 298-2705 for hours or (309) 298-2700 for the Reference and Information Desk for research assistance.

University Technology
Stipes Hall 126; (309) 298-TECH

University Technology (uTech) supports computer resources used by students and faculty for research and instruction. Computers are available for use in most instructional and residential buildings on both the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses. Wireless access is available in all academic buildings and in residence halls.

Computer labs are staffed by trained student personnel and are available for student use in Stipes, Horrabin, Memorial, and Morgan Halls and at Western Illinois University—Quad Cities. Residence hall students in Macomb may use computer labs in each hall complex. Two labs are available 24 hours a day, while late-night access is available for off-campus students in the University Union and Malpass Library. Internet access is available in all residence hall rooms, including graduate and family housing.

Each student is provided a WIU e-mail account, space to create a personal home page, and file storage. Google Apps for Education and Office 365 accounts are free to all students. Discounted software is also available for purchase. Details regarding discounted and free software available to students can be found on the WIU website (wiu.edu/university_ technology/student_resources/software.php). WIU Mobile is a free mobile app available for download on Apple and Android devices. The app offers the ability to view important campus resources such as a campus map, dining menus, campus directory, news, Western Online, computer lab hours, and current events from the convenience of a mobile device.

The uTech Support Center provides walk-in support for student, faculty, and staff technology needs. Walk-in technical support is available in Stipes Hall 126 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday–Friday. For technical assistance, please contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-TECH [(309) 298-8324] or support@wiu.edu.

Western Illinois University—Quad Cities
3300 River Drive, Moline, IL; (309) 762-9481

Located in a community with a population over 380,000, WIU—Quad Cities is the public University in the Quad Cities area. WIU—Quad Cities is a metropolitan, commuter campus that offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as post-baccalaureate certificate programs. WIU—Quad Cities welcomes freshmen, transfers, and graduate students who seek an engaging university experience in and out of the classroom, with opportunities for experiential and service learning, networking, and internships that prepare students for a career and life after WIU.

Writing Center
Malpass Library, Third Floor (Macomb); Quad Cities Complex, Room 2219 (QC);
(309) 298-2815

The University Writing Center (and its satellite center at WIU—Quad Cities) provides a wide range of writing services to students, faculty, and staff. The Writing Center is staffed by highly qualified undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty who can assist with writing from any discipline, at any academic level, and at any point in the writing process. For more information on locations and hours, please visit us at wiu.edu/uwc.