Health Sciences & Social Work

The Nancy Coney Field Education Grant

The purpose of this grant is to assist social work students with specific expenses to alleviate barriers related to preparation for and successful performance in their senior field practicum. It is named for Prof. Nancy Coney who retired in fall 2002 after numerous years of contributions to the department and University, field education of students, and profession of social work.


  • Currently enrolled in SW 440: Pre-practicum or SW 480: Generalist Social Work Practicum at the time of application.
  • Performing successfully in all current courses and meeting the requirements for practicum enrollment or completion.
  • Have not previously received the award.


  • Grants up to $100 may be received one time only per student.
  • Grants will be awarded based on financial need AND the availability of funds.
  • Need must be related to successful completion of either SW 440 or SW 480. Examples might include purchase of required books, transportation costs, agency-appropriate clothing, housing or moving costs, expenses related to agency screening requirements, etc.


  • The grants are not loans to be repaid, but recipients are encouraged to consider a future donation to the Field Education Fund when they are in a financial position to do so, to continue support for WIU Social Work Field education.
  • Grant amounts may be increased if the grant fund grows sufficiently to provide larger grants.


  • Complete the application by typing or handwriting with black ink only and submit it to the Director of Field Education. Be sure to give a detailed explanation of your need for the grant.
  • The Director of Field Education will forward the application with a recommendation to the Academic Advisor and Department Chair.
  • If the Chair and Advisor concur with a positive recommendation, the grant will be approved and processed accordingly by the Office Manager.  Grants are received in the form of a check mailed to the student’s school address or direct deposit if the student is enrolled in this with the University.
  • If there is a question regarding approval, the application will be reviewed by the faculty as a committee-of-the-whole.
  • The student will be notified via email of the application approval or non-approval.