Health Sciences & Social Work

Possible Public Health career paths


 The following is a list of  Possible Public Health Career Paths that has been adapted from 101 Careers in Public Health by Beth Seltzer

  • Infectious Disease careers include Community Health Education Specialist (What is a Community Health Education Specialist?), Epidemiologist, Public Health Advisor, Disease Ecologist, Public Health Specialist (What is Public Health?), and others;
  • Chronic Disease and Cancer careers include Community Health Education Specialist, Health Promotion Program Coordinator, Tobacco Quitline Advisor, Behavioral Scientist, and others;
  • Public Safety careers include Injury Prevention Specialist, Director of Emergency Medical Services, Specialist in Poison Information, Forensic Pathologist, and others;
  • Maternal and Child Health careers include Deputy Director for Family Health Services, Home Visit Nurse, Community Health Worker, WIC Nutritionist, and others;
  • Pharmaceuticals and Drug Safety careers include Medical Officer/Drug Evaluation and Safety, Biostatistician, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, and others;
  • Environmental Health and Water Safety careers include Toxicologist, Poisoning Prevention Coordinator, Environmental Engineer, Hazardous Waste Inspector, Hydrologist, Health Physicist, and others; 
  • Occupational Health and Safety careers include Occupational Medicine, Employee Health Nurse, Industrial Hygienist, Corporate Medical Director, and others;
  • Food Safety and Nutrition careers include Nutrition consultant, Food Service Sanitarian, Food Inspector/Department of Agriculture, Consumer Safety Officer/FDA, and others;
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response careers include Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Environmental Health Emergency Response Specialists, Disaster Preparedness Researcher, Bioterrorism Researcher, and others;
  • Evaluation, Safety and Quality careers include Program Evaluator, Quality Improvement Specialist, Outcomes Researchers, Informatics Specialist, Patient Safety Specialist, and others;
  • Public Health Administration and Leadership careers include Health Commissioner, Public Health Laboratory Director, Local Health Department Administrator, and others;
  • Health Disparities, Vulnerable Groups, and At-Risk Populations careers include Director of Office of Minority Health, Disease Prevention Activist, Area Agency on Aging Administrator, and others;
  • Global Health careers include Technical Advisor/Logistics, International Programs Manager, NGO Administrator, and others.