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Western High School Scholarship


This scholarship was founded through a bequest by John S. Knowles. Training School; Academy; Laboratory School; Campus School; Western High: whatever its name, the Laboratory School of Western Illinois University was a unique educational institution, from its inception in 1899 as the Training School until its closure in 1973 as Western High School. Its doors have been closed for decades but its spirit lives on in the hearts of thousands of alumni, teachers, administrators, employees, and their families who to this day realize that they were blessed to have been a part of such an enlightened School. There are the beneficiaries of its legacy who wish to continue that legacy in the form of a scholarship fund for deserving WIU education students.

Western High closed its doors in 1973, which brought an end to a remarkable era. The legacy of our School, however, continues unhindered. Mr. Horrabin best described that legacy when he wrote that our School “will always remain alive and fresh in the memory of those who served it and the thousands who took from its abundant gifts and with them built a wholesome and productive life.”


The purpose of this scholarship fund is to honor the spirit of our School by providing financial assistance to students majoring in education at Western Illinois University. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must, at the time of the application:

  1. Be enrolled as a full-time student at Western Illinois University
  2. Be related to a former student, teacher, administrator, or employee of Western High School/Academy (some record of relationship must be submitted)
  3. If no applicants meet # 2 above, consideration will be given to WIU students who will be student teaching in the Macomb School District
  4. If no applicants meet #2 or #3, consideration will be given to WIU students who graduated from a high school in McDonough County.  If there are no applicants from McDonough County, consideration will be given to WIU students who graduated from a high school in one of the counties that border McDonough County. Those counties include Hancock, Henderson, Warren, Fulton, and Schuyler
  5. Be enrolled in the student teaching semester within the next academic year following the application submittal
  6. Have maintained at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average
  7. Write a one page essay describing applicant’s intent to “pay it forward” (give back to the profession) as an educator
TERMS: Award amount varies based on annual interest earned on endowment.

SELECTION PROCESS: Final selection will be made by the Office of Teacher Education Scholarship Committee. Recipient will be selected based on academic work, GPA and financial need.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: On a separate sheet of paper, please type a one page essay describing applicant’s intent to "pay it forward" (give back to the profession) as an educator

Scholarship Committee
Office of Teacher Education
Horrabin Hall 40 
Western Illinois University
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