Broadcasting and Journalism

Award Winning

nbs logo

National Broadcasting Society
2020: 5 National Nominations
Comedy Script, Video Newscast Segment,
Video Promos, Web News Article, Video Newscast

ibs logo

Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
2020 Awards: Best Football PBP, Best Sports PBP,
Best Website, Best Video Newscast, Best Video News Report,
Best Video Sports PBP, Best TV Talk Program

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Students in Illinois News Broadcasters Association
2020: 7 Finalists
Awards: Radio News Reporting, TV Reporting,
Videography, Hard TV Program, Soft TV Program,
TV Newscast
Two Scholarship Recipients

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National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Mid America Chapter
2020: Walter Cronkite Scholarship Recipient
Honorable Mention: Serious & Light News