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Appendix T - Policy on Providing Student/Staff Computer Listings or Labels

Western Illinois University will provide computer listings or labels containing "directory information" on students and staff only to University offices or University approved or sponsored agencies, organizations or individuals and to public officials, office holders and candidates for office. Listings or labels will be provided in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Requests for such listings must be approved in writing by the Provost and Academic Vice President. Requests should be submitted on the form provided by the Provost and Academic Vice President for such purpose, and all decisions as to whether a requestor is a recognized University or University approved or sponsored agency, organization or individual will be made by the Provost and Academic Vice President.*
  2. Listings or labels will provide only typical "directory information" i.e., names, addresses, zip codes, etc.
  3. The Administrative Computing Office will charge for the service provided when appropriate. Any fee set will be subject to annual review.

*Administrative Computing, Sherman Hall 212, will be the pick-up station for said forms.

Under this policy, the Office of Administrative Computing is not to handle any requests for staff or student listings or labels which do not have approval from the Provost and Academic Vice President. This service will be provided as computer time is available, with the exception that it will not be provided to elected officials or candidates for elective office during primary election time (from the filing date to the conclusion of the primary).

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