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"Physical Sciences" (15 results)
Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient EnvironmentsThe Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments provides the reader with an entry point to the rapidly expanding field of paleoclimatology: the study of climates of the past. Paleoclimatology integrates information from a broad array of disciplines in the geosciences, ranging from stratigraphy, geomorphology, glaciology, paleoecology, paleobotany to geochemistry and geophysics, among others. The encyclopedia offers articles on numerous subjects, ranging from classical geological evidence to the latest research and illustrated with line-drawings, black-white and color photographs. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather (2nd ed)Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather summarizes humans' evolving efforts to accurately foretell the weather, from guesswork to the development of contemporary forecasting techniques drawn from two scientific disciplines, climatology and meteorology. Each of the 330 entries features cross references, definitions, and additional sources for further study. Over 250 photographs, maps, and charts offer highly evocative depictions of various weather and climate conditions. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Coastal ScienceThe Encyclopedia of Coastal Science features contributions by 245 specialists and is illustrated with line-drawings and photographs. It also includes various appendices, an illustrated glossary of coastal morphology and extensive bibliographic listings. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of GeobiologyMoving beyond the borders of the classical core disciplines, geobiology identifies chains of cause-and-effect and connections between the geo- and the biospheres driving the evolution of life in modern and ancient environments. Geobiological information can be extracted not only from visible remains of organisms, but also from organic molecules, rock fabrics, minerals, isotopes and other tracers. The Encyclopedia of Geobiology is a reference for students, researchers, teachers, and the informed public and provides basic knowledge on this expanding discipline. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and PaleomagnetismThis reference encompasses the fields of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism in a single volume. Both sciences have applications in navigation, in the search for minerals and hydrocarbons, in dating rock sequences, and in unraveling past geologic movements such as plate motions they have contributed to a better understanding of the Earth. This resource is a tool not only for geophysicists and geophysics students but also for geologists, physicists, atmospheric and environmental scientists, and engineers. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Lakes and ReservoirsThe Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs reviews the physical, chemical and ecological characteristics of lakes and reservoirs, and describes their uses and environmental state trends in different parts of the world. Illustrated throughout, it includes entries on a range of topics. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Modern Coral ReefsThis encyclopedia approaches coral reefs from an earth science perspective, concentrating especially on modern reefs. The entries in this encyclopedia condense the large amount of work carried out since Charles Darwin first attempted to understand reef evolution. Leading authorities from many countries have contributed to the entries covering areas of geology, geography and ecology. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and GlaciersThis encyclopedia mainly focuses on the various aspects of snow, ice and glaciers, but also covers other cryospheric branches in alphabetically arranged, comprehensive articles. It can serve as a reference at the undergraduate and graduate level but is also a tool containing specialized literature for geologists, geographers, climatologists, hydrologists, and water resources engineers as well as for those who are engaged in the practice of agricultural and civil engineering, earth sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, ecosystem management, and other relevant subjects. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Soil ScienceThe Encyclopedia of Soil Science provides a comprehensive, alphabetical treatment of basic soil science in a single volume containing articles on the salient aspects of soil physics, chemistry, biology, fertility, technology, genesis, morphology, classification and geomorphology. With increased usage of soil for world food production, building materials, and waste repositories, demand has grown for a better global understanding of soil and its processes. Longer articles by leading authorities from around the world are supplemented by some 430 definitions of common terms in soil sciences. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Solid Earth GeophysicsThis volume brings together articles covering established and new concepts of Geophysics across the various sub-disciplines such as Gravity, Geodesy, Geomagnetism, Seismology, Seismics, Deep Earth Processes, Plate Tectonics, Thermal Domains, Computational Methods, etc. in a systematic and consistent format and standard. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of World ClimatologyThis encyclopedia emphasizes climatological developments that have evolved over the past twenty years and contains articles prepared by experts on numerous subjects, ranging from standard areas of study to the latest research studies. The relationship between climatology and both physical and social science is fully explored, as is the significance of climate for our future well-being. The information is organized for speedy access. Entries are conveniently arranged in alphabetical order, thoroughly indexed, and cross-referenced. Every entry contains useful citations to additional source materials. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Intellicast.comLocal, national, and global weather information, including interactive weather maps, extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, past observations, and historic averages. Radar, infrared, and satellite weather imaging.Physical Sciences
Weather @ CNNCNN provides current weather conditions, maps, and the forecast. Defaults to Macomb, IL/WIU area.Physical Sciences
Weather HistoryFind daily, weekly, and monthly historical weather data for a city/zip code or by airport code.Physical Sciences
Weather.comGet current weather information and forecasting (including Local Doppler and Regional Satellite images). Physical Sciences