SEARCH WIU FILM COLLECTIONS - (Africa, GBLT and Homeland Security)

Western Illinois University Malpass Library houses a number of films on DVD or VHS. Three topical collections are presented in this searchable database: African Diaspora; Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian and Transexual (GBLT); and Homeland Security.

One can search by keyword, title, director, geographic location, year, format and collection. These limits can also be searched in combination. If you do not find any results, try removing any word with four characters or less from your search string. Example: "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" becomes "Roof". It is also useful to use quotation marks around exact phrases with short character words, such as, "Top Gun".

Results provide not only a list of titles available via the Library, but also additional information about the film, director and reviews.

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