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Book Request (WIU-QC Library)

WIU-QC Pick-Ups Only

This form is only for Interlibrary Loan book requests to be picked up at the WIU-Quad Cities Library (Moline, IL). Other forms are available for book pick-ups in Macomb or for books directly mailed to WIU distance learners. These services are provided for registered WIU students, faculty, and staff only.

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Some lending libraries (e.g., outside IL) occasionally charge a fee. If necessary, I am willing to accept charges up to:

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Additional requests may be submitted without re-typing identical information (e.g. name, address). After final submission of each request, use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. Use the backspace key to delete the appropriate fields before entering new information. A current web browser (minimum: Netscape 4.07+ or Internet Explorer 4.0+) is required to use this secure form.