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WIU Human Resources Hosts Distinguished Service and Community Service Reception

April 13, 2023

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MACOMB/MOLINE, IL – The Western Illinois University Office of Human Resources has announced the University's 2023 Distinguished Service and Community Service award winners. A recognition ceremony for employees was held Wednesday, April 12 in the University Union.

Taylor Zeigler, fraternity and sorority life coordinator at WIU, received the Community Service Award; Amanda Silberer, chair of the WIU Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, received the Administrative Recognition and Service Award; and Carrie Lowderman, office manager at Alumni Relations, received the Civil Service Recognition and Service Award.

The Community Service Award recognizes exemplary volunteerism and/or outstanding service to any non-profit community organization and is a reflection of one or more of WIU's core values. The Administrative Recognition and Service Award honors one administrator for unusual and significant contributions to his/her profession, organizational unit or other areas within the University and is a reflection of one or more of WIU's core values of Academic Excellence, Educational Opportunity, Personal Growth and Social Responsibility.

Zeigler was nominated for her volunteerism and giving back to her community and her efforts to incorporate WIU's values of personal growth and social responsibility.

"Taylor works to create experiences that work toward learning and personal development that supports holistic wellness and personal responsibility," said her nominator. "It is often difficult in today's world to navigate society as a generation-z woman, and Taylor works to provide education to sorority women on the topic of fostering safe relationships."

Zeigler also volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), appointed by judges to advocate for children's best interests and work with legal and child welfare professionals to ensure that the most well-informed decisions are made for each child in the legal system.

Silberer was nominated for the Administrative Recognition and Service Award for her role to make sure speech therapy and audiology services are provided to the surrounding community through WIU's Speech Pathology and Audiology program.

"Everything she does is with the goal of helping others, be it the faculty and staff, students, or community which the SPA department serves," said one nominator.

A second nominator said Silberer "continually puts herself last in order to serve the clients (Social Responsibility) and our students (Academic Excellence, Educational Opportunity, and Personal Growth)."

Lowderman was nominated for the Civil Service Recognition and Service Award for her "compassionate and empathetic" drive to help others.

"Carrie works full-time at the Alumni House at WIU, she assists with the family farm and livestock operation, she helps her husband with his family business, and she works to make others beautiful," her nominator said. "Outside of this, along with her husband, she is an advisor for the AGR fraternity on campus, and she is a co-director for the WIU Food Pantry. Within the community she works with the Bomber FFA Alumni Council."

Her nominator added that Lowderman positively impacts the lives of WIU students and is "driven and self-motivated" to "do whatever is needed to improve the lives of others."

35 years of service:
John Chisolm, Mathematics
Lora Adcock, Libraries

30 years of service:
Amelia Betz, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
Brent Payne, Engineering and Technology
Bruce Briney, Music
Guadalupe M. Cabedo-Timmons, Foreign Languages and Cultures
James Schmidt, College of Arts and Sciences
Susan Martinelli-Fernandez, College of Arts and Sciences

25 years of service:
Andy Fentem, University Technology-AIMS
C. Suzanne Bailey, WIU-QC, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Charles Eddington, Facilities Management-Building Services
Christopher Sutton, Earth, Atmospheric and Geographic Information Sciences
Daniel Lambert, Facilities Management-Building Services
Don McLean, WIU-QC, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration
Eric Mansfield, Education
Gordon Rands, Management and Marketing
Gregory Montalvo, Jr., Education
Jennifer Brattain, Bookstore
Jerry Allen, Office of Public Safety
Jessica Butcher, University Housing and Dining Services
Keith Boeckelman, Political Science
Kevin Nichols, Music
Kimberley McClure, Psychology
Margaret Sinex, English
Patricia Thornton, University Housing and Dining Services
Richard Egger, WIUM
Robert Intrieri, Psychology
Robert Rittenhouse, Facilities Management-Building Services
Steven Radlo, Kinesiology
Steven Whan, WIU-QC, Operations and Maintenance
Tara Feld, College of Business and Technology
Tracy Cruise, Psychology
Tracy Davis, WIU-QC Counselor Education
Walter McGath, Health Center

20 years of service:
Alice Melkumian, Accounting, Finance, Economics and Decision Sciences
Anna Valeva, Accounting, Finance, Economics and Decision Sciences
Beate Wilson, Sociology and Anthropology
Connie Kreps, English
Damon McArthur, Art and Design
Daniel Bartlett, Facilities Management-Building Services
Daniel Rathjen, Facilities Management-Building Services
David J. Lane, Psychology
David Banash, English
Edward Woell, History
Feridun Tasdan, Mathematics
Greg Hall, History
Guy Huston, Public Safety
Holly Nikels, WIU-QC, Counselor Education
Hoyet Hemphill, Engineering and Technology
James La Prad, Education
James McQuillan, Computer Sciences
Jason Covert, Computer Sciences
Jason T. Blackford, Mathematics
Jill Cassady, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration
Kelly Harkey, College of Fine Arts and Communication
Laura Caldwell, Payroll
Leaunda Hemphill, Engineering and Technology
Lee Brice, History
M. Chad Cordell, Facilities Management-Building Maintenance
Margarita Obregon, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Mark Hoge, Agriculture
Phyllis Fowler, Facilities Management-Building Services
Richard Musser, Biological Sciences
Rumen Dimitrov, Mathematics
Ryan Hunt, Management and Marketing
S. Amanda McRaven, Retention
Sarah Lawson, Registrar
Ted Anderson, Office of Public Safety

15 years of service
Abha Singh, Education
Andrea Hyde, WIU-QC, Education
Barry McCrary, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Brian Beck, Facilities Management-Transportation Services
Carol Clemons, University Printing and Mailing Center
Carrie Alexander-Albritton, WIU-QC, Counselor Education
Carrie Lowderman, Alumni Relations
Charles Pryor, Accounting, Finance, Economics and Decision Sciences
Christie Reynolds, Counseling Center
Clinton Hill, Facilities Management-Building Mechanical Maintenance
Courtney Blankenship, Music
Curtis Steiner, University Printing and Mailing Center
Dana Sistko, Graduate Studies
Dana VanBebber, Budget Office
David Zazeski, University Technology, CAIT
Davison Bideshi, Sociology and Anthropology
Everett Hamner, WIU-QC, English
James McCabe, Facilities Management-Building Mechanical Maintenance
Jonathan Miller, University Technology-Infrastructure
Joseph Roselieb, University Housing and Dining Services
Joseph Ryner, University Technology-CAIT
Judy Woodside, University Housing and Dining Services-Residence Hall
Julie Brines, Counselor Education
Karen Lamm, Facilities Management-Building Services
Karin Chouinard, WIU-QC, Technological Services
Katherine Perone, Health Sciences and Social Work
Kevin Menken, Communication
Linda Prosise, Provost and Academic Vice President
Maacherie Placide, Political Science
Marian Aanenson, Biological Sciences
Marla Miller, Facilities Management-Building Services
Marla Shinn, University Technology-AIMS
Mary J. Welch, University Union Service Center
Niall Hartnett, College of Arts and Sciences
Panakkatu Babu, Physics
Richard Cangro, Music
Saisudha Mallur, Physics
Sandra Nash, Nursing
Scott Lawson, University Technology-Web Services
Stacy Dorethy, Development Office
Susan Stewart, WIU-QC, Management and Marketing
Tara Dorethy, Payroll
Ta-Teh Ku, Art and Design
Tim Hallinan, Development Office
Timothy Roberts, History
Ute Chamberlin, History

10 years of service:
Cynthia McClintock, Facilities Management
Dawn Gray, Health Center
Gregory Wisslead, Facilities Management – Building Mechanical Maintenance
Ian Shelly, Art and Design
Jill Bisbee, College of Education and Human Services
Joshua Carrigan, University Technology, CAIT
Kaycee Peterman, Health Sciences and Social Work
Kevin Swanson, Facilities Management-Building Services
Martin Friday, Facilities Management-Transportation Services
Mary Lane, General Studies
Mary Mhango, Management and Marketing
Michael Lorenzen, Libraries
Michael Park, Institute for Rural Affairs
Mokhtar Aouina, Mathematics
Sheryl Harty, Graduate Studies
Susan Brooks, Mathematics
Suzanne Humphrey, WIU-QC, Business and Technology

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