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William Butterworth Foundation Scholarship


Katherine Deere Butterworth’s community involvement and philanthropy led her to establish the William Butterworth Foundation in memory of her husband, William.

Mission: The William Butterworth Foundation is dedicated to leveraging its strong heritage and valuable resources to actively support artistic, charitable, cultural and educational endeavors that enhance the quality of life for individuals and families in the greater Quad Cities community.

Vision: The William Butterworth Foundation will, through sustained public engagement, support community education and lifelong learning by proactively identifying, providing, and funding quality programs as well as preserving accessible and hospitable facilities.

“How a degree in Elementary Education will enhance the quality of life for others in the QC Region?”

$2,500 annual scholarship
Half applied in fall, half in spring, unless student is graduating in fall then paid in-full during fall semester

APPLICATIONS/DEADLINE: Deadline has passed