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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the Outside Scholarship check to be mailed to?

The check should be made payable to WIU Foundation and mailed to: WIU Foundation, 1 University Circle, SH303, Macomb, IL 61455. The student name, student ID number and term should be written on the face of the check.

How long will it be until I can have a refund?

After receipt of the check it will be applied to the student’s account. If this creates a credit balance on the account, a refund may be requested through the Billing & Receivables Office in Sherman Hall room 106 or at the Service Center in the Union. They will then mail the refund to the student’s campus address. The student may go directly to Sherman Hall room 106 after dropping off the check in the foundation office to request a refund. The student will need to make them aware that they are expecting their scholarship check to be applied by the WIU Foundation. The scholarship will show on the student’s monthly account statement. Note: If a student has electronic direct deposit their refund check will go directly to their bank account.

Will my scholarship show up on my bill for the current semester before the due date of the bill?

If the student is registered and we have received notification of internal scholarships or the check for outside scholarships, the credit will be on the same statement as tuition is billed.

An outside scholarship is being sent from an organization, it wasn’t credited on the account statement I received, but I know they will be sending it soon. How much should I pay on the statement I received?

You may deduct the amount of the scholarship from the amount remitted to the Billing & Receivables Office. If the scholarship is not received by the Foundation at least three working days before the due date shown on your bill, a 1% per month interest charge will be assessed on the unpaid balance of the student’s account.

I have been awarded a scholarship, but the organization that awarded it wants a bill sent to them or wants a verification of registration (or both) sent to them. Do you do this?

Yes, the student’s name, ID#, and address to mail the confirmation to will be obtained if they need a billing or registration verified. The billings will be sent out after all charges have been applied to the student account. The registration verifications will be sent as soon as possible after the 10th day of classes. If transcripts are requested from the donors, the student is responsible for requesting them from the Registrar’s office.

Will this check affect my Financial Aid or my loan?

Information concerning scholarships is furnished to Financial Aid. You will need to check with your financial aid advisor to find out how your financial aid is affected.

I received a scholarship from a senator. Have you received it yet?

General Assembly scholarships are awarded by state senators or state representatives. Students receiving these awards should contact the Financial Aid Office.

This check is made payable to the student and the University. Can’t you just endorse it and then I can cash it?

Some donors prefer to make the checks payable to both the student and the University. University policy prohibits endorsement of a check by the University and that check being given to the student. We will be happy to apply the check to their student account. If the information we have from the donor allows the student to receive money for their books we can request a check for that purpose (see “Outside Scholarship” above). If you need a receipt, a copy of the check will be given to you.

I need to purchase books and have not received my scholarship yet. How can I get an advance on those funds?

You can apply for a short-term loan in the Scholarship Office in SH 308. Scholarship Office staff will determine if the loan will be provided.

Additional Information

The following scholarships/aid are handled in other offices:

Office of Financial Aid:

  • PELL
  • Children & Family Services
  • Monetary Award Program (MAP)
  • Illinois Veterans Grants
  • Police, Fire, Correctional Officers Survivor Grants
  • Paul Douglas
  • National Guard
  • Teacher Shortage
  • General Assembly Scholarships
  • Minority Teachers of Illinois
  • Teacher Special Education
  • Women & Minorities in Administration
  • ROTC
  • Illinois National Guard Grant
  • Merit Recognition (MRS)

Billings and Receivables Office:

  • Third-Party Billing
  • G.I. Bill®
    (GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.)