Textbook Buyback

What is it and how does it work?

You've bought your books and studied hard all semester. But you have no desire to keep your textbooks after you are finished with the class. You could use them as a doorstop…or you could bring them to the Bookstore for cash. At the end of each term (actually the Thursday before finals begin) you can bring your books to the Union concourse and sell them back. Here's how it works:

Each semester instructors submit book orders for the next term to the Bookstore. If we get an order for a book that was used during the current term then that title goes on the list of books to buy back from the students. If you own that book we will buy it from you for up to 50% of the new price. Once the number of copies needed for a class has been purchased for our campus the Bookstore no longer purchases that title; the title reverts to a wholesale purchase. The wholesaler is buying books at the same time to fill their national warehouse. Wholesale companies usually pay about 20% of the new price.

Contact Info

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