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Faculty Rights & Responsibilities

Adapted from a document by Dr. Allyson Harrison at Queen's University.
A course instructor has the right to:

  • Determine course content and general methods of teaching.
  • Make informed decisions about how best to adapt their teaching and assessment methods to accommodate all students.
  • Ensure that the standards in their course are not lowered or compromised.
  • Ensure that a student has demonstrated mastery of the essential requirements of their course in order to obtain an appropriate grade.
  • Fail any student if he/she does not demonstrate mastery of essential course requirements.
  • Question a specific accommodation request if it is either inappropriate for their course, or if the nature of the request would alter the essential requirements of a course.
  • Determine through consultation with knowledgeable professionals the most appropriate ways to adapt their course to the needs of a particular student.
  • Be treated respectfully by all students in their class.

Faculty Responsibilities

A course instructor has the responsibility to:

  • Be open to accommodating students with disabilities. You can do this by setting a welcoming tone, projecting willingness to accommodate, and including a syllabus statement. The Faculty Senate approved syllabus statement can be found at DRC Publications.
  • Provide program access and facilitate access to required activities that occur outside of the classroom.
  • Meet with student and develop a plan for the accommodations listed in the letter.
  • Implement the plan, but remain flexible.
  • Maintain academic standards.
  • Respect the student’s right to confidentiality.
  • Work with DRC and student to problem-solve issues/concerns.

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