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Route 18 - North

A Part of Route 18

The MTC Building - North Pierce St - River Run - Veterans Park

Route 14 North Services the Northern section of Macomb and delivers Spoon River College and the south side of the square to the City Center. It is 30 minute route that runs from the City Center, East on Pierce then Wheeler, then North on East street to Veterans Park.  It then travels across to River Run apartments. From there hen heads to the YMCA and the south side of the Square before it heads back to the City Center. Route 18 North runs all year, and the bus that drives it alternates with 18 South.

Route 18 North Leaves at the City Center at :10 of the hour and returns at :40 meeting with 18 South, 19 Southwest and 16 Maroon East.

How it works:

 The Bus Driving 18 North will alternate between Route 18 North and  Route 18 South. It  meets with the other routes at the city center to exchange passengers

Helpful Tips!

If a bus is too far off of schedule, the routes that were scheduled to meet it may be forced to move on before it arrives.

18 North Connects to Shopping via 16 Maroon East, The Spoon River Collage via itself and The Hospital via 18 South.


Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.

In Session only
Monday – Friday: 8:10 AM - 5:40 PM
Saturday:  11:10 AM - 4:40 PM

Stop Name All Hours
of Operation
Text Code
City Center :10  111
Randolph/Pierce    279
Pierce/Dudley EB   199
Pierce/Edwards EB   201 
MTC - Pierce/Mechanic EB    436
Pierce/Pearl EB    437 
Wheeler/Bonham EB :15  438
Prairie View Homes EB    501 
 East/Wheeler    331
Veterans Park :17 999
 Woodland Trail/University   335 
Glenwood Park    428 
New Burlington/Hwy 67    444 
 River Run :25  335
 Krohe Rd/Hwy 67    444 
Quality Inn  :26  707 
Pierce/Randolph    280
Dudley/Pierce     399
YMCA on Dudley :30  516
Dudley/Jackson (Walgreens)    309
CVS on Washington    453
South Side of Square East  :32  292
South Side of Square West    294
Washington/Johnson    257
 City Center :40  111

Route Map

screenshot of Route 18 - North PDF map