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The IFC recruitment period is a year-long process or what we call "365 recruitment." Typically the beginning of each semester is the time when most students join a fraternity, however, a bid for membership can be given out at any time. Each chapter will host multiple recruitment events at the beginning of the semester so they can get to know you and you can get to know them.

During recruitment, the chapter will ask for your authorization to verify your academic eligibility for membership. Each organization has eligibility requirements for membership. While some specific organizations may have higher standards, the minimum standard requirement is a 2.500 WIU GPA or a 2.500 high school GPA for entering first-year students. Students on OAS status are not eligible to participate in recruitment unless they have retrieved a waiver from their academic advisor.

At the conclusion of recruitment, chapters will issue bids, which are an invitation to join the organization. By accepting a bid, you are accepting membership in that particular fraternity.

Fraternity Life is an incredible way to get involved around campus, meet an extraordinary amount of friends, and gain new experiences that will help guide your success in years to come. IFC wishes you the best of wishes throughout your experiences in recruitment as well as an undergraduate at Western Illinois University.

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