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Decorating Your Room

What to pack

We've asked students what would have been helpful to know when packing for college and have compiled this list of what to pack and what not to pack.


If you live in Tanner Hall you have the option to reserve a loft or bring one to campus.  Lofts are only allowed in Tanner Hall as Bayliss, Henninger, Lincoln, Washington, Caroline Grote, Thompson and Westbrook House are furnished with furniture that is loftable or stackable. We do not store beds or other furniture in these halls.

Do it Yourself lofts – Personal bunk beds or lofts are allowed in some of our halls. If you decide to construct your own loft, please keep in mind that lofts are required to be free standing and can not be attached to any furniture, wall or ceiling and must be fire resistant. Room dimensions listed on this site will help you construct the loft that will best suit you. Storage of bed frames is limited and on a first come, first served basis. We do not store mattresses.

Rented lofts - We contract with, a loft company, to offer a loft rental program.  offers metal lofts with guard rails. These lofts are placed in the student’s room before they arrive. The student will be responsible for dismantling the loft before finals week in the spring semester and returning it to a centralized place within their Residence Hall. Students are subject to a fine for non-compliance.

Loft Dismantling - All lofts, rented or personal, must be taken down prior to finals week. This is to ensure a quiet, respectful academic environment in which students can prepare for their exams. Each hall will post guidelines related to bedframe retrieval.


Microwave Guidelines: Microwaves must use 700 watts or less.

Appliances with exposed heating elements without and automatic shut-off are not allowed for safety purposes.  

Refrigerator Guidelines: Refrigerators can be no larger than 4.6 cubic feet and use no more than 2 amps when running.


Each residence hall floor has a small storage closet that can accommodate some boxes and luggage. It is locked and only the Resident Assistant has a key to the room. We do not store furniture for students. We will store bed frames on a first come, first served basis.