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Existing Student Organization Re-Registration

Existing student organizations are required to re-register with the Office of Student Engagement on an annual basis. This process ensures that all officer, advisor information, organization constitutions, and other important information about the organization is up-to-date. Additionally, registered organizations are recognized by the University and are therefore eligible  for important resources to help ensure their success. Student organization registration takes place on PurplePost

Re-Registration for the 2021-2022 academic year will open March 22nd.

Registration for the 2021-2022 academic year will open March 22nd, 2021. IMPORTANT** only the incoming President of the organization (not general members or advisors) may access the re-registration form. If you are having trouble figuring out this information, please contact KiKi Marshall at or 309-298-3232. In order to complete the re-registration process, the Faculty/Staff Advisor will be asked to complete an Advisor Agreement.

Click here for a step-by-step set of instructions regarding the re-registration process. 

New Student Organization Registration

New organizations may register on PurplePost  at any time. It is highly recommended  that students looking to start a new organization meet with a staff member from the Office of Student Activities to discuss the requirements and benefits of being a registered student organization. Please contact the Office of Student Engagement (; 309-298-3232) to set up a meeting.

Below is a list of requirements that new student organizations must meet in order to successfully register:

  • At least 5 student members; including a President and a Treasurer that are not the same person
  • WIU Faculty/Staff Advisor
  • Constitution; refer to this sample constitution
  • Students should refer to these instructions when completing registration.

If you have any questions or concerns about the re-registration or new registration process, please contact the Office of Student Engagement (; 309-298-3232).



Is there online student organization registration?

Yes.  Registration is all online  this year. After  logging in  and creating your personal account, you can register your organization by clicking on the Organization tab and scrolling down to find the "Register a New Organization" button.

How do I renew my group registration?

Instructions for re-registering  are online.

When is registration?

Registration is reviewed annually. Registration will begin March 22nd, 2021 with a deadline of May 14th to register for the following academic year.  This allows the OSE to collect the most current info possible prior to students' departure from campus for the Summer. In the Fall when students return, you can focus on recruitment and getting organized instead of the OSE's requirements! Organizations can update their roster's anytime through PurplePost! New organizations may register at anytime by setting up a meeting in the OSE at 309-298-3232 or

Why should I register my group?

Registered organizations are afforded privileges within the campus as recognition of the importance of co-curricular opportunities. These privileges are given to those registered organizations that are in good standing with the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) and Western Illinois University. These privileges can be viewed in the Student Organization Registration & Policy Manual .


Where can I get funds for my group?

A registered organization may be eligible to receive funding from the University. The Council on Student Activity Funds (CSAF) is responsible for allocating student activity fees for the University. Funding is based on what type of programs or services your organization wants to provide to the entire student body and campus community. For step-by-step instructions see the Student Organization Registration & Policy Manual .

What other funding options are available?

Registered student organizations with a University membership shall be granted permission to solicit contributions and conduct fundraising activities for charities whose purpose is to benefit society.

Why is there a "hold" on the organization's account?

The most common reasons for a hold on an organization's account are because of an overdue balance on the account, or because the organization has not completed an "Account Setup Sheet" in the last year. When Scheduling and Event Services is notified that a hold has been placed on an account, they are required to cancel all of the organization's scheduled meetings/events. A hold may also be put on your account if an organization has not completed the student organization registration process with the University through the Office of Student Engagement.

   Reserving Space

How do I reserve a table in the union concourse?

To reserve the use of a table in the Union Concourse, a registered organization must contact Scheduling and Event Services, 309-298-2421. These tables are scheduled on a first come-first serve basis.

How do I get the sound & lighting equipment?

To get sound & lighting equipment, a registered organization must fill out a Westec Service Request form and submit it to WESTEC. This should be done at least two weeks prior to your event. For further information, please contact WESTEC at 309-298-3210.

Where can I reserve a stage?

In the University Union contact Scheduling and Event Services, 309-298-2421.

Can I have a bake sale/sell food in the concourse?


How do I get more tables and chairs?

To get more tables and chairs, contact Scheduling & Event Services at 309-298-2421, and they will assist registered organization members with more tables and chairs if any are available. After business hours contact the Union Service desk at 309-298-1941.

What is a "No Show" charge?

A "No Show" is designated as failure of the organization to be present 15 minutes after the scheduled time of the event.
If you need to cancel a meeting, notify the Office of Scheduling and Event Services at 309-298-2421. Should you arrive for your meeting and find there are not enough members to hold a meeting, you should contact the night supervisor and let that person know that you did not utilize the room.


What should I remember when setting up for an event?

It is important to start planning an event well in advance of the actual date of the event. Refer to the program planning guide for more suggestions and tips or contact the Office of Student Engagement for more help, 309-298-3232.

What are the guidelines for hosting an event at WIU?

An application for an assembly or special event should be submitted at the Office of Scheduling and Event Services on forms provided by the University. The application must be filed at least ten business days prior to the proposed event. No person or organization shall conduct any special event or assembly as defined in the Student Organization Registration & Policy Manual  without having first obtained a permit from the University.

How do I set up a student organization information table?

Contact Scheduling and Event Services at 309-298-2421 for assistance with reserving space and tables in the Concourse.

How do I reserve the Union, academic buildings, Western Hall, outdoors, Student Recreation Center, Horn Field, or cultural centers?

Scheduling on campus is now centralized through the Office of Scheduling and Event Services.  Information on event guidelines, including COVID-19 related, can be found HERE.  To reservice space on campus, please complete the Campus Scheduling & Registratoin Form.

What does an organization need to do to host an outdoor event?

If there are special needs for the event, (i.e. tables, chairs, electricity) contact Scheduling and Event Services, 309-298-2421. There may be additional charges for some special needs. Contact WESTEC, 309-298-3210, for sound & lighting.


How do I promote our event?

View the available promotion guide for details.

How do I get promotional items made?

Student organizations funded by the University must follow a procedure for approval. Promotional items are approved on a case by case basis. An Approval Request for Anticipated Expenditures  needs to be submitted to the organization finance officer for all expenditures.

Can I use the WIU logo or Rocky on a club t-shirt, website, or any other publication?

WIU logos are trademark property of the University. Logo usage requires a license or authorization from WIU. For assistance or approval, contact Trademark Licensing Administrator at 298-1961 or  visit their website.

   Web Pages

How do I get organization web space?

Registered campus groups and organizations can apply for web space on the ECOM server by contacting University Technology at  (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH). You will be given a user name and password that you need to upload files onto the server. Your web address will be . You can apply to have the address changed to better suit your organization, however, all addresses will need to begin with .

How do I gain access to our organization's web space?

If your organization already has web space on the ECOM server, and you don't know or forgot your password, the faculty/staff advisor must contact the University Computer Support Services Information Center at  (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH)  for the username and to reset the password.

How do I upload my web pages (transfer files)?

Use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program to upload the web pages you've created to the server. WS_FTP is an easy to use FTP program that is available in every computer lab on campus. If you have difficulty using the program, ask the lab assistant for help or call University Computer Support Services at  (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH). You will need your organization's username and password to upload files. FYI: When designing a web page, the homepage should be saved as index.htm. This is the first HTML page a browser will attempt to load when visiting a web address.

How do I get a WIU email address for my organization?

Registered campus groups and organizations can apply for an ECOM email account by contacting University Technology at  (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH). Your email address will be The email may be checked in the same manner as your student email account.

How do I gain access to our organization's email address?

If your organization already has an email account, and you don't know or forgot your password, the faculty/staff advisor must contact the University Computer Support Services Help Desk at 309-298-3232 for the username and to reset the password.

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