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LEAD Series

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Series, based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, is designed to help students reach their full leadership potential - and learn how to use these skills in their own lives and their roles in student organizations.  With presentations designed by a variety of students, professionals, and faculty, there's bound to be something you're interested in!  While some sessions may be designed for student organizations, all students are welcome to attend the LEAD Series in the Student Organization Center regardless of involvement level. Simply pull up a purple couch and get ready to learn!

Topics are chosen by a student committee from submitted proposals.  Proposals for LEAD Series Fall 2014 will be accepted during the Spring 2014 semester!  Note - you will need to log into PurplePost with your ecom username and password to complete the proposal form.  We encourage students to get involved in a variety of ways - what's better than presenting to your peers?

Upcoming LEAD Series Dates

Robert's Rules:  What They Are and How to Use Them, Steven Wailand, SGA Vice President and SGA Cabinet Member
6-7pm Wednesday, January 29
In a society where involvement is key, whether it be on a college campus or in the community, being able to maintain order during a meeting is of the utmost importance.  Robert's Rules of Order, the most commonly used structure for Parliamentary Procedure, helps you run your meeting efficiently.

Creating Community Among Your Group, Erik Heller and Becky Collins, College Student Personnel Graduate Students
5-6pm Thursday, February 13
Looking to create a sense of unity, cohesion, and connection within your group of leaders?  In this session we will explore some different stages of group development, approaches to creating a sense of community within student groups, learn about finding your voice within a group, and discuss how goal setting can help you succeed.

The Ins and Outs of Constitutions and Bylaws, Cody Schara, College Student Personnel Graduate Student and Michelle L. Harvey, Assistant Director for Leadership and Service
6-7pm Monday, February 17
A constitution is the backbone of your organization.  Besides highlighting the benefits and necessities that a constitution can provide to your organization's activities, special emphasis will be put on scenarios that may come up during the year and how your constitution can prepare you for these instances.

What does YOUR social media say about YOU?, Mr. Enrique Boche and Mr. Justin Contreras
7-8pm Tuesday, February 25
Whether you believe it or not, your social media says a lot about you.  Whether it says something good or bad depends on what you have on your pages.  During this program you will learn how to control what's on your social media so you can make a good first impression....especially when it comes to job interviews, internships, etc.

Finding Your Work Ethic:  A student guide to restoring pride in yourself, Sheryl Boston, Assistant Professor
6-7pm Monday, March 3
Students have a growing sense of entitlement and often lack pride in their work ethic, so in this presentation, that takes content from a book by Eric Chester, and identifies the qualities that are either missing or need tweaked in many young workers.  This interactive program will identify ways to rebuild skills and move yourself into a more valuable position in your career.

The Drama in Conflict, Becky Collins and Erik Heller, College Student Personnel Graduate Students
4-5pm Friday, March 21
If "all the world is a stage" then it is safe to say the world is full of conflict.  Since Aeschylus added a second actor over 2,000 years ago to the state, theatre has successfully manipulated conflict onstage.  Combining conflict management theory and modern acting practices, we will enable you with you new ways of looking at conflict and how to approach it.

Maintaining Your Beliefs Without Letting Them Be a Distraction, Conner Herkelman, Director of Technology for SGA and Cody Schara SGA Graduate Advisor
7-8pm Thursday, April 3
Every student has their own beliefs and values they want to hold true in the organizations they are a part of, but how do you keep them in check and not let them be a distraction to the individual or the organization?

CTRL+ALT+deLEAD, Michelle Howe, Assistant Director of the Career Development Center and Jill Bisbee, College Student Personnel Program Manager
4-5pm Friday, April 11
Are you discouraged after attending one of your organization's weekly meetings?  Does your group struggle with over participating or under participating members?  This interactive workshop with teach students unique and effective ways to run meetings and get members actively engaged.

Global Citizenship, Emily Gorlewski, Assistant Director, Office of Study Abroad and Ehren Kuzekov, Academic Advisory, Study Abroad and Exchange Programs
6-7pm Tuesday, April 22
What does it mean to be a global citizen?  Is this possible?  How can student leaders become better citizens of the world they live in and how can they bring this to their organizations?  This interactive session will help student leaders to articulate and discuss global citizenship and develop strategies for leading their organizations toward thinking globally and acting locally.

Millennials Entering the Workforce:  Working for Managers of Previous Generations, Pat McGrath, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation - Outdoor Pursuits and Aquatics
5-6pm Wednesday, April 30
The Millennial Generation (YOU!) will soon be entering the workforce.  However, the "real world" is managed by varying generations with different experiences, expectations, and methods.  Participants will discover how to adapt the traits of the Millennial Generation into valued skills in the eyes of older generations.


Talent Grant Recipients

Please note that you must attend at least THREE LEAD Series sessions each semester to receive funding. If schedule conflicts arise due to your class schedule, please contact early in the semester.

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