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LEAD Series

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Series, based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, is designed to help students reach their full leadership potential - and learn how to use these skills in their own lives and their roles in student organizations.  With presentations designed by a variety of students, professionals, and faculty, there's bound to be something you're interested in!  While some sessions may be designed for student organizations, all students are welcome to attend the LEAD Series in the Student Organization Center regardless of involvement level. Simply pull up a purple couch and get ready to learn!

Topics are chosen by a student committee from submitted proposals.  Proposals for LEAD Series Fall 2015 will be accepted during the Spring 2015 semester!  Note - you will need to log into PurplePost with your ecom username and password to complete the proposal form.  We encourage students to get involved in a variety of ways - what's better than presenting to your peers?

Upcoming LEAD Series Dates

Public Agreements: How to Fight the "I didn't know" in College Organizations                                                                                   

Thursday, January 29th, 5pm, SOC
Michelle Hunter, Graduate Assistant: Alumni Relations

So many times in a student organization, we think we are on the same page with everyone else, but are we really?  This will be a discussion based session in which we talk about how to get everyone on the same page, increase communication, increase participation and help your organization be better! 

Ego Boost...or Bust                                                                           

Monday, February 9th, 7pm, SOC                                                          

Jason Homan, Graduate Assistant: Student Government Association

It’s easy for us to just dismiss ego as something bad about ourselves and other people, but what is ego really?  This session will focus on the complexity of ego and how it impacts the work of student leaders.  The discussion should inspire students to take control of their ego and use it as a way to serve others through their leadership.

Debunking the Myths of the Introverts vs. Extroverts                  

Thursday, February 19th, 5pm, SOC
Cody Schara, Graduate Assistant: First Year Experience and Michael Hamilton, Graduate Assistant: College Student Personnel Program Recruitment

 Facilitators will utilize the learning partnerships model from a constructivist epistemological perspective as the foundation for interrogating common myths associated with introversion and extroversion within a higher education setting. This session will require participants to reflect, discuss, and share personal experiences in an effort to more deeply understand potential strengths and areas of growth associated with these identities.

How Spirituality Can Help You Lead                                         

Wednesday, February 25th, 6pm, SOC
Students T.A.L.K

Have you ever thought about what spirituality means to you? Have you ever wondered how your peers define or practice spirituality? Have you ever wanted space to discuss these personal values and beliefs? If so, this presentation is for you! We will be discussing views, definitions, and practices associated with spirituality and how these beliefs and practices can make you a better leader on campus. Come ready to talk and ready to share your knowledge with your peers about what spirituality is to you!

Breaking Barriers: RJ Mitte

Thursday, Match 5th, 7pm, Heritage Room

Join the University Union Board on Thursday March 5th in the Heritage room of the University Union for Breaking Barriers. RJ Mitte co-star of the hit television series, Breaking Bad, is coming to WIU to share his incredible story and raise disability awareness. Just as his character on the show, Walter White, Jr., Mitte also has Cerebral Palsy although Mitte’s is a milder form of the disability. He has overcome many obstacles in his pursuit to be an actor and has become an advocate for disability awareness.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: A Look at Privilege in Volunteering                                                                                     

Tuesday, March 31st, 6pm, SOC
Amanda Hagen, WAVE President and Brittany Doyle, WAVE Secretary

This program will discuss privilege and the privilege of volunteering. We will reflect on why we volunteer.

Ordinary to Extraordinary (O2E)                                                           

Thrusday, April 2nd, 7pm, SOC
Leslie Ducay, Graduate Assistant: Campus Recreation and Dustin Vansloten, Director of Intramural Sports

Are you just average? Do you ever feel like you are just good enough?  Are you doing things in the way they have always been done? Do you fear failure? In this interactive workshop, discover how you can rise above mediocrity and become EXTRAORDINARY in your own way.

Conflict Management in Practice                                                          

Friday, April 17th, 4pm, SOC
Rebecca Novick, Graduate Assistant: Student Organization Center

Do you already know what kind of conflict management style you prefer, but do not actually know how to implement good practices? Come find out tips and strategies for navigating those uncomfortable situations and discussions with plenty of time for practice!

Presenting 101                                                                                              

Wednesday, April 22, 5pm, SOC
Darcy Smith, Ryan Demming, Jose Gonzalez, and Gabrielle Filipink: Bureau of Cultural Affairs

This LEAD Series event will cover all aspects of event planning and management. Learn how to effectively plan and execute various events for your organization. This will cover all steps from choosing the event to post event practices.  

The Road to the TOP!                                                                            

Monday, April 27th, 5pm, MCC
Jaslene Gonzalez, America’s Next Top Model Winner

America's Next Top Model winner, Jaslene Gonzalez, will take you on her journey that led her to overcome body image issues, domestic violence, and to ultimately win the most successful modeling reality show in history.


Talent Grant Recipients

Please note that you must attend at least THREE LEAD Series sessions each semester to receive funding. If schedule conflicts arise due to your class schedule, please contact early in the semester.

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Past LEAD Series
Fall 2014

Leadership Lessons from 9/11, Rebecca Novick and Melinda Daniels, Leadership & Service Graduate Assistants

Untying the Human Knot, Becky Collins, Leadership & Service Graduate Assistant

I Survived A Campus Shooting, Maria Ruiz-Santana, NIU Campus Police Officer

Building on Student Leadership, Ann Comerford, Director of the University Union.

Pitch Perfect:  How to Sell Yourself, Sidney Colbert, Student Tenant Union President.

Reframing Leadership, Becky Collins, Leadership & Service Graduate Assistants

Removing the 'Cry' from Crisis: Learning to work through Adversity Toward Exceptional Leadership, Rayvon Shelton, Graduate Student

Your Own Personal Brand - What Your Actions Say About YOU, Pat McGrath, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation - Aquatics and Outdoor Pursuits.

Sorry Not Sorry: Leadership and Public Relations Following a Mistake, Melinda Daniels, Caitlyn Westfall, and Katie Effertz, College Student Personnel Graduate Assistants

Exploring Gender Perceptions in Student Organizations, Justin Kim, Director of Public Relations for Student Government Association