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Photo of Jessica Butcher


Thank you for considering Western Illinois University and University Housing and Dining Services as your next home to unleash your potential! Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals who are motivated to build strong communities, enhance relationships throughout campus, and find innovative ways to best serve our student population.

You can learn more about University Housing and Dining Services by exploring our mission and values and current staff serving our students.

Western Illinois University and Macomb, Illinois is a fantastic place to call home. You can learn more about our campus population, facts, and the local community here. Our Complex Directors and Assistant Complex Directors lead the creation of an inclusive, welcoming, and academically driven on-campus experience for all of our residents across six diverse complexes. We hope you will consider becoming a Leatherneck and allowing Western Illinois University to become a part of your success story!

It's a great day to be a Leatherneck!

Jessica Butcher
Director for Student Life


Employment Opportunities

Full Time/Professional

Complex Director

The Complex Director is an integral part of University Housing and Dining Services at Western Illinois University. Complex Directors oversee functions of residential complex including supervision, community development, administrative, and crisis response. The Complex Director collaborates closely with other members of the University Housing and Dining Service team, numerous Student Services departments, as well as faculty and staff throughout Western Illinois University.

  • Direct supervision of 2-3 graduate assistants
  • Indirect supervision of 20-30 undergraduate staff members and full-time Residence Hall Clerk
  • Recruit, hire, train, and evaluate graduate and undergraduate staff members.
Community & Student Development
  • Provide leadership in promoting an atmosphere of inclusion for diverse student body and staff within the complex that supports academic achievement and fosters responsible decision-making.
  • Coordinate community and student development through service learning initiatives, social and educational programming, human issues education, faculty involvement programming, and the development of living learning communities.
  • Provide advice and counsel for individual students, student leaders, and student groups.
  • Educate residents through judicial conferences on the Student Conduct Code and Housing Policies.
  • Coordinate the administrative functions of a residence hall complex, which include: facility management, maintenance, information desk operations, student employment, and payroll budget.
Crisis Response
  • Provide crisis intervention and emergency response by participating in an on-call duty rotation for complex.
  • Ensure effective follow-up and referrals when necessary.
Additional Opportunities Include
  • Serve as a chairperson/member to departmental and campus committees.
  • Instruct a credit-bearing training course for Resident Assistants or University 100 Course for first-year students.
Recruitment Timeline
  • January-February: Applications accepted and reviewed
  • February-March: Telephone interviews scheduled
  • April: On-campus interviews begin
  • July: Complex Director start date

Questions? Contact Jessica Butcher at JJ-Butcher@wiu.edu or 309-298-2293

Graduate Students

Assistant Complex Director

The Assistant Complex Director is an apprenticeship in the operation of a residence hall program and involved various administrative and management functions as well as all areas of student development. As an assistant to the Complex Director, the ACD position provides opportunities to learn and develop the expertise and skills needed to function effectively in a residence hall environment, a student services division, or any similar organization. Assistant Complex Directors directly supervise student staff, provide advice and guidance, participate in departmental committees, and have opportunities for ongoing professional development.

Oshkosh Placement Exchange Recruitment Timeline
  • January 1 - February 23 2022: Application materials submitted, OPE Candidates please contact Greta Dieter at GM-Dieter@wiu.edu or 309-298-3352
  • February 13-15: CSP On Campus Days
  • February 16-18: CSP Virtual on Campus Days
  • February 24-27: Inital Interviews at Oshkosh Placement Exchange
  • March 6-7: OPE On Campus Day
  • March 10: Virtual On Campus Day
  • Late July, 2021: Assistant Complex Director start date

Questions? Contact Greta Dieter at GM-Dieter@wiu.edu or 309-298-3352

GFH Resident Manager
GFH Resident Manager

As a member of the Graduate and Family Housing staff team, the Resident Manager will strive to create a community that will enhance a student’s academic, developmental, and personal lives, and that will support the purposes and goals of University Housing and Dining Services and Western Illinois University. The Resident Manager must understand and relate to the unique needs of married students, single-parent students, married students with children, non-traditional students, and international students. This is a live-in position with a general understanding of 24 hour coverage, but with general daily hours of 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. The Manager reports directly to the Director of Residence Life.

Questions? Contact Jessica Butcher at JJ-Butcher@wiu.edu or 309-298-3320



Our Complex Directors and Assistant Complex Directors are exposed to multiple opportunities to supervise and develop teams. Complex Directors directly supervise between two and three graduate practitioners who are supervisors to student staff members. Complex Directors also supervise a full-time residence hall clerk who assists with the administrative operation of the complex. Assistant Complex Directors have opportunities to supervise Resident Assistants and Desk Assistants, as well as work closely with the overall complex team.

Teaching Experience

Complex Directors and Assistant Complex Directors have opportunities to teach a credit bearing course in the spring semester focusing on the development of new staff members for University Housing and Dining Services. Staff teaching are paired in teaching teams to deliver engaging course materials designed to prepare our students for success in their future leadership positions.

Professional Development

University Housing and Dining Services is committed to the ongoing professional development of our full-time and graduate staff members. Through on-campus developments, departmental professional development sessions, and opportunities to attend regional professional organizations, Complex Directors and Assistant Complex Directors are able to develop their skills and interests beyond their positional responsibilities.

Committee Involvement

Complex Directors and Assistant Complex Directors have options to serve on departmental, unit, and campus-wide committees based off their interest and departmental need. Departmentally, team members are involved with options including recruitment, training, social justice education, academic initiatives, large-scale initiative development, and many more. Options for involvement are found throughout Western Illinois University and staff are encouraged to have multiple experiences.

Additional Information
Complex Director candidates can find more information on university benefits associated with being a full-time staff member on WIU’s Human Resource Webpage.

Assistant Complex Director candidates can explore information on the Graduate Studies Webpage for more information about benefits and funding for graduate school.

Success Stories

Working with University Housing and Dining Services can lead to great things! See what our former staff members have to say about how WIU and working for UHDS contributed to their success story. . . 

Photo of LT Robinson

"Western Illinois University provided a supportive environment for professional growth by integrating lessons in CSP classes with advising, supervision and administrative responsibilities in my assistantship. I still use the knowledge I obtained at Western in my career as a housing professional."

-LT Robinson, Residence Life Program Manager at the University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Priscilla Velarde

"The education I received at WIU has been an invaluable foundation. In my daily work, conversations, and experiences that I received as a graduate and professional staff member. I am a proud member of the WIU community and feel fortunate for all that it has given me."

-Priscilla Velarde Wilson, Associate Director of Residence Life, University of Illinois at Chicago

Photo of John Comerford

"I would not be where I am today without Western Illinois University.  At WIU, I found the mentors that guided me towards a and fun career in Student Affairs and beyond."

-John Comerford, President, Blackburn College

Photo of Todd Clark

"WIU and UHDS set the professional foundation for a lifetime of professional and personal networks. There are very few colleges and universities that do not have some type of ‘seven degrees’ of WIU, and to be a part of that network is a honor and privilege."

-Todd Clark, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Guilford College

Photo of Edwin Darrell

"WIU and the CSP program provided me with an amazing foundation of knowledge, experience, and mentorship. The WIU community routinely challenges and guides my career in student affairs and I am lucky to have such great friends and colleagues."

-Edwin S. Darrell, Associate Director of Residential Education at San Diego State University

Photo of Jacque Bollinger

"WIU opened my eyes to possibilities I did not know existed. Who knew college students could be a career – a career that continues to challenge and reward me daily!!"

-Jacque Bollinger, Director of Residential Life at Indiana University

Leatherneck Life

Residence Hall Communities

Western Illinois University currently provides housing for students in six different residence halls buildings, with a 2 year live-on requirement (or 60+ credit hours). The halls are broken into 3 different communities: Corbin & Olson Halls (COOL), Lincoln, Washington, & Grote Halls (Linc-Wash-Grote), and Thompson Hall. From move-in to graduation, the residence halls at WIU provide students a place to build friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Each residence hall is more than a building; it's a community for students to connect and flourish.

If you want to learn more about each hall, please visit wiu.edu/residencehalls.

Staff Apartments

Each staff apartment is different and unique in its own way. Below is an example of two of our staff apartments.

Photo of Apartments

Themed Communities

We pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment within the halls that encourages academic success and collaborative learning experiences. WIU students have the opportunity to live in supportive communities where they can learn and connect with other students who share the same interests or major. Our current Living Learning Community (LLC) offerings are Agriculture, Broadcasting & Journalism, Business Studies, CLASS (Community of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students), Fine Arts, Honors, Included, ROTC, STEM, and Transfer Year Experience.

For more information about our LLCs, please visit wiu.edu/LLC.

Live-In Staff

All of our Assistant Complex Directors and Complex Directors are considered live-in staff. Hear from our past and present live in staff members below.

Photo of Arianna Nutile

"I love working in WIU housing for many reasons including the people who work for the department. These individuals have quickly become my second family. Being away from home can be hard at times, but knowing you have people who are there for you all the time is such an incredible feeling. It is like working and living with your best friends! I also enjoy how many opportunities we are provided in this department! My favorite part of my experience is knowing the impact we have on our students. In WIU housing, we are change-makers. I love being able to move higher education forward in a way that betters the experience for all who attend."

-Arianna Nutile,  Assistant Complex Director 2019-2021

Photo of Parker Smith

"One thing that stands out about my time with UHDS has been the breadth of experience I am getting. We learn everything from crisis management and facilities to mentoring, advising and teaching. Whatever I decide to do next, I know that the skills I have learned in this job will help me excel."

-Parker Smith,  Assistant Complex Director 2020-current

Photo of Shain Johnson

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I've had to work in this position because I feel as if it has set me up for a lifetime of success. I have truly learned how much it means to be a kind human. After meeting hundreds of students and hearing their stories, you never really know what they are going through. This has shown me the importance of doing something kind for someone every day and making my students smile. Finally, my two years here has given me the amazing task of supporting incredible Resident Assistants and watching them develop into young professionals. I am excited to keep watching their growth even after I graduate and leave Western as they have all left a lasting impact on my life."

-Shain Johnson,  Assistant Complex Director 2019-2021

Photo of Mariah Slaughter

"I have loved all of the different experiences that are offered to Assistant Complex Directors. There are a variety of committees, collaterals, and advising opportunities available. One of my favorite experiences has been having the opportunity to advise the National Residence Hall Honorary Chapter here at WIU and working with students outside of the Resident Assistant role that I otherwise might not have gotten the chance to meet!"

-Mariah Slaughter,  Assistant Complex Director 2020-current


Why Macomb?

Take a tour and learn more about Macomb here. Macomb is situated in McDonough County, or what some call Forgottonia, Illinois. There is so much to do, see, and be a part of in the area. Everything you could want to know about Macomb and the surrounding area can be found at visitforgottonia.com.