Campus Recreation

NIRSA Award Winners

April 2015     John Washo, NIRSA Service Award

April 2015     Dr. Leah Hall-Dorothy, NIRSA Service Award

April 2014     John Washo, Will Holsberry Scholarship

April 2014     Shane Bennett, Will Holsberry Scholarship

April 2010     Judy Yeast - Horace Moody Award for Outstanding Commitment to Student Development

April 2010     Courtney James - Wm. Wasson Award for Leadership and Academic Achievement

April 2007     Josh Fugitt – Wm. Wasson Award for Leadership and Academic Achievement

April 2005     Emily Randell – Wm. Wasson Award for Leadership and Academic Achievement

April 2003     John Washo - Wm. Wasson Award for Leadership and Academic Achievement

April 2002     Dustin Van Sloten - Wm. Wasson Award for Leadership and Academic Achievement

April 2002     Dr. Stan Campbell (WIU Alumnus) Honor Award & Horace Moody Award

1990     John Colgate, Region III Award of Merit Winner 

NIRSA Honor Award

As the highest honor awarded by the Association, the NIRSA Honor Award is presented each year at the annual conference. NIRSA, through the presentation of the Honor Award, honors a member for outstanding achievements in the profession and exemplary service to the Association. The Honor Award Committee presents the award at the Honor Award Banquet during the annual conference.

NIRSA William N. Wasson Award

The William N. Wasson award is to recognize top undergraduate and graduate students who are participants of and/or employed by the Department of Recreational Sports. The award gives NIRSA an opportunity to honor outstanding student leaders who are active participants, employees, and/or volunteers at their institution.

NIRSA Horace Moody Award

This award is provided as a means of recognizing professional members who have made contributions to student development by their encouragement, support, and performance. One NIRSA professional member from each of the six NIRSA regions may be recognized each year for this award.

NIRSA Will Holsberry Endowed Scholarship 

The Will Holsberry Endowment was established in 1997 in recognition of Will Holsberry's 24 year service to the Association. As the third Executive Director of NIRSA, the Association experienced tremendous growth under his direction. Will's vision, dedication, persistence and especially his commitment to the NIRSA are the elements that made him such an outstanding advocate on educating professionals within collegiate recreation. The Will Holsberry Endowment provides a professional member of NIRSA the opportunity for a conference registration to any of the NIRSA schools or institutes.

NIRSA T-Shirt and Award Design Contest Winners

2014     Nearly Naked Mile t-shirt, Honorable Mention; and Duck Club t-shirt, Honorable Mention

2009     Duck Club t-shirt, 1st place

2008     Duck Club t-shirt, 1st place; 8th Annual Big Pink Volleyball t-shirt, 1st place; and Rise & Shine t-shirt, 1st place

2007     Duck Club t-shirt, 1st place

2006     Get Fit Stay Fit t-shirt, 2nd place

2004     Western Challenge t-shirt, 2nd place; and 5K Poker Run/Walk towel, Honorable Mention

2003     Duck Club t-shirt, Honorable Mention

2002     Duck Club towel, 2nd place; 1.5 club t-shirt, 2nd place; and Campus Recreation t-shirt, Honorable Mention

1996     Campus Recreation t-shirt, 3rd place

IIRSA Officers

2013-2015         James Wayne, State Director 

2011 - 2013       Scott Vandermoon, State Director 

2009-present     Judy Yeast, Historian

IIRSA - (Illinois Intramural and Recreation Sports Association) Past Directors and Officers from Western Illinois University

2015     Stephanie Nielsen, IIRSA Professional Development Scholarship

2014     Samantha Wallace, IIRSA Professional Development Scholarship

2014     Scott Vandermoon, IIRSA Service Award

2011     Judy Yeast, IIRSA Service Award recipient for her work with Big Pink Volleyball charitable fundraiser

2008-2011      Scott Vandermoon, Assistant State Director (former graduate assistant at Western Illinois University) and 2006-2009 Historian

2001-2005      Judy Yeast, Secretary/Treasurer and 2009-2011 Historian

1999-2001      Chad Ellsworth, Secretary/Treasurer

1997-1999      Janna Basler Assistant State Director