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Adam Fox Personal Training or Adult Swim Lessons Grant

Adam Fox Personal Training and Adult Swim Lessons Grant

The Adam Fox Personal Training or Adult Swim Lessons Grant is for members of the WIU campus community who, due to health reasons, need personal training or adult swim lessons (see list below) but cannot afford the cost. On average, there will be four grants awarded per semester.

  1. Grants will be awarded for Fall and Spring semesters and Summer term, if requested.
  2. The recipient may receive the grant only once and the sessions must be completed during the course of the semester or term.
  3. A 4-session personal training, a 10-session personal training, or an adult swim lesson package may be awarded based on need and the amount of time remaining in the semester.
  4. The recipient will be required to fill out the Personal Trainer Request Form , obtain doctor’s approval for exercise, and submit an essay.
  5. The essay should clearly state the applicant is applying for the Adam Fox Personal Training or Adult Swim Lesson Grant, how the grant will be of benefit, and why the applicant cannot afford training or lessons at this time.
    1. The essay should be less than two pages double-spaced and typewritten.
    2. The essay should answer what qualifies the applicant for this grant and what barriers make it financially difficult for the application to currently pay for personal training or swim lessons.
    3. Email the essay to Brian Thomas,
    4. Essays will be accepted at any time.
    5. Winners will be notified as soon as possible.
  6. Due to the tax benefit law, the faculty/staff winners will need to pay for the sessions out of pocket at the start of the personal training sessions or adult swim lessons. After the sessions are completed, the recipient will receive reimbursement. Student recipients will have the money immediately disbursed to pay for personal training or swim lessons.

Example Qualifiers

  • Personal or family history of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, or hypertension
  • Sedentary lifestyle defined as less than 150 minutes of exercise per week
  • Overweight or obese as defined by BMI of 25 or greater
  • Over the age of 40
  • Anxiety, depression, or ADD/ADHD
  • Single parent
  • Primary caretaker for an elderly parent
  • Other health-related issue that exercise would benefit
  • Beginning exerciser


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