Scheduling & Event Services

WIU COVID-19 Events & Programming Guidelines

Western Illinois University is committed to providing engaging experiences this upcoming year, including events and activities for the campus community to participate in. To ensure that WIU is monitoring events and providing a safe experience, events have been broken down into (3) general categories and the following protocols have been established to help aid in planning and protection.  

Event Guidelines

  • The University strongly encourages events and programs to occur in an outdoor setting as much as possible (especially during the first 2 weeks of the semester).
  • Event coordinators should remember that some members of the University community remain hesitant to participate in face-to-face/in-person activities and events. When applicable/feasible, a virtual component is encouraged.
  • Concerts, comedians, lecturers, and other visiting performers are permitted on campus, but must follow all on-campus protocols and procedures. The event host is responsible for informing attendees of these procedures. Failure to comply with these procedures could result in the event host being sanctioned.
  • Any rental of a University facility must follow the on-campus protocols and procedures. It is the responsibility of the event host to inform all attendees of these procedures. Failure to comply with these procedures could result in the event host being fined. 
    Sanctioned University events hosted at an off-campus facility have the responsibility of following campus protocols in addition to any protocols the selected venue has in effect.
  • Some events may require attendance tracking (name/phone number/email) in the event participants need to be contact traced by the respective health department. The Scheduling and Events Services Office will provide guidance, card swipes, and other tools needed to successfully accomplish these tasks. It will be the event host’s responsibility to perform the necessary precautions as provided by the Scheduling and Events Services Office.
  • Event coordinators may request face coverings be worn at their event.
  • All individuals should be aware that these protocols and procedures could change based on compliance and directions from the Health Department.

Campus Event/Meeting Scheduling Process

All events and meetings will be scheduled through a centralized process. This process is applicable to student organizations, departments, campus-wide events, and Non-WIU events. All events and meetings, are required to use this process to submit their room request.  For more information on Campus Scheduling, please visit

Event Scheduling on the Macomb Campus
  1. COMPLETE CAMPUS SCHEDULING FORM: To schedule an event or meeting, an identified event coordinator from the organization or department is to complete the proper scheduling form. 
    1. Click HERE to reserve space in the University Union, Multicultural Center, Campus Recreation or with Athletics or Brophy Hall (Room 235 or Brophy Hall Gym). 
    2. Click HERE to reserve a space in the Residence Halls. 
    3. To reserve a non-academic meeting or event in an academic building please call the Office of the Registrar at 309-298-1891. 
  2. COMMUNICATION OF HEALTH AND SAFETY EVENT GUIDELINES: A component of the Campus Scheduling Form will inform event coordinators of pertinent health and safety guidelines as they relate to events on campus.
  3. EVENT APPROVAL: After completing the previous steps, an official approval will be sent to the event coordinator if the meeting or event is deemed necessary. For events that are more complex than a standard meeting, a pre-event meeting may be scheduled with the event coordinator and additional campus entities involved with the execution of the event.
  4. ATTENDANCE TRACKING: Upon event approval, event coordinators will receive instructions on how to track attendance for contact tracing purposes. 
  5. EVENT SUPPLIES: Pending the nature of the event, event coordinators may request event supplies prior to their event.  Event Kits may be provided for events outside of organizational or departmental meetings. Depending on the complexity of the event, Event Kits may include:
    1. Hand sanitizer for both event staff and event attendees.
    2. Bottles of disinfectant and paper towels to wipe down event equipment
    3. Scanners for attendance tracking
    4. If outside, pop-up tents to designate event area


Can we still have meetings or events?
  • Yes meetings and events can be held on campus.  Please visit the Campus Scheduling website to search for venues that would be appropriate for your event.
    • Work with Scheduling & Event Services staff to choose the appropriate space for your event
    • Hand sanitizer stations should be provided
    • Attendees should be encouraged to stay home if they are feeling unwell
  • Require Event Staff to:
    • Answer screening questions and self-monitor for symptoms of Covid-19.
    • Not report to the meeting/event and seek medical attention if they exhibit any symptoms.
    • Physically distance from guests, where possible.
Are face coverings required?
  • Face coverings are not required at events at this time. More information regarding face coverings on campus can be found here.
Is temperature taking required before entry?
  • Temperature checks are no longer required to be taken at events on campus.
What if I want to have food service at my event?
  • Sodexo Catering is staying up to date on the FDA’s Best Practices and Guidelines. It is advised to work with Sodexo staff on events when considering food service.
Will the facilities be clean for my event?
  • Building Services staff has a thorough checklist which they utilize when cleaning every facility
Should I cancel my meeting or event?
  • Meetings and events can still be held if the health and safety protocols can be followed.
  • It is advised that event coordinators have virtual backup plans if stricter attendance requirements are put into place.
More Questions?

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding meeting and event guidelines to Scheduling & Event Services at or 309-298-2421.