Displaying WIU Webcalendar Events on Department Websites

Skill Set

Comfortable with server side includes (ssi) and php include calls


To display a WIU Webcalendar feed, you will need a webcalendar account for your department. Using the WIU Webcalendar allows departments to integrate their events in a master University calendar while also displaying the department-specific events on their own web sites.


Determine the Calendar ID number

  1. On the http://wiu.edu/webcalendar/ web site, click the "Select Calendar" at the right of the navigation menu.
  2. Select only the calendar you need to find the id number of and view it
  3. Click on a specific event from this calendar display.
  4. From the URL, you will be able to determine the calendar id: at the end of the URL, you should see &calendar=number. The number is your calendar id.
    Example URL for webcalendar

Add Display Feed to Web Page

The display will need to end in the file extension .php or .sphp (rather than .html or .shtml)

Insert the following code where you want the information to display:

<?php require_once('http://www.wiu.edu/users/webcal/webcal.quickevents.sphp?id=calendarID'); ?>


<?php require_once('http://www.wiu.edu/users/webcal/webcal.quickevents.sphp?id=43'); ?>

Limiting the Number of Items Displayed

By default, 10 events are displayed. To control the number of items displaying, add &limit=number behind the calendar id number. See the example to see how the code is implemented:

<?php require_once('http://www.wiu.edu/users/webcal/webcal.quickevents.sphp?id=43&limit=4'); ?>

CSS & Events Feed

The entire feed is surrounded by a CSS id name "calendarHome". You can manipulate the display options within this ID class to control the layout on your web page. For example, the feed includes the title "Events" and I commonly hide it using the following code:

#calendarHome h3 {
display: none;