October 30, 2021

FACULTY/GUEST RECITAL: "In a Woman's Voice: Musical Readings by Women Composers" - Red Vespa Duo: Marian Wilson Kimber, reciter & Natalie Landowski, piano
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: COFAC Recital Hall
Description: This performance is free and open for limited general audience seating, but due to the restrictions currently in place, we ask that patrons scan the QR code and enter contact information upon arrival in the lobby (for contact tracing purposes) and maintain proper social distancing. The ushers will also be able to gather information, for those who might need assistance. Masks are required at all times, in the Recital Hall and lobby.


"In a Woman’s Voice: Musical Readings by Women Composers"

Dr. Marian Wilson Kimber, reciter
Dr. Natalie Landowski, piano

Introduction - Marian Wilson Kimber

Dame Fashion (1924) - Frieda Peycke (1884–1964)
Apples (1921) - Phyllis Fergus (1887–1964)
If Only We Could (1943) - Frieda Peycke

A Summer Idyll (1925) - Phyllis Fergus
I Doubt It (1923) - Lalla Ryckoff (b. 1891)
Wishful Waiting (c. 1947) - Frieda Peycke

Ain’t It Fine Today (1920) - Phyllis Fergus
Lie Awake Song (1922) - Phyllis Fergus
Lost Illusions (1932) - Frieda Peycke


Upon a Broken World (2019–2020) - Lisa Neher (b. 1985)
- September, 1918 - (Amy Lowell)
- Good Bones - (Maggie Smith)
- Small Kindnesses - (Danusha Laméris)

Two Uses for a Fan
- Excerpt from The Red Fan (1893) - Nettie Arthur Brown (1864–1914)
- A Lesson with the Fan (1898) - Guy d’Hardelot (1858–1936)

The Canoe (1916) - Phyllis Fergus
Husbands (1942) - Frieda Peycke
The Usual Way (1914) - Phyllis Fergus

Performances in the COFAC Recital Hall are now open for limited general audience seating, with the following guidelines:
· Audience members and participants are encouraged to be vaccinated
· Off-campus visitors are encouraged to complete the WIU self-check before arriving to campus at www.wiu.edu/selfcheck
· Face coverings must be worn by all audience members, at all times
· Ushers will collect information from attendees (name, phone and email) to assist with contact tracing, if necessary
· Audience members will be expected to maintain proper social distancing from others not in his/her group
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