March 28, 2024

Guest/Faculty Recital: In a Woman's Voice - Musical Readings by Women Composers featuring Red Vespa Duo: Marian Wilson Kimber, reciter and Natalie Landowski, piano
Time: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: COFAC Recital Hall
Description: This performance is free and open for general seating.

The performing duo, Red Vespa, comprised of Dr. Marian Wilson Kimber (University of Iowa) and Dr. Natalie Landowski (WIU) return to the CoFAC Recital Hall stage to present an evening of musical readings created by women.

Through the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, women elocutionists toured North America to great acclaim, and many of them created works for performance. Dr. Wilson Kimber discovered this repertoire while conducting research for her book The Elocutionists: Women, Music, and the Spoken Word (from University of Illinois Press), and began to perform these works with pianist Dr. Natalie Landowski. Their ensemble, Red Vespa, is also active in the creation of new works in this genre.


Dame Fashion (1924) - Frieda Peycke (1884–1964)
Apples (1921) - Phyllis Fergus (1887–1964)
If Only We Could (1943) - Frieda Peycke

A Summer Idyll (1925) - Phyllis Fergus
I Doubt It (1923) - Lalla Ryckoff (b. 1891)
Wishful Waiting (c. 1947) - Frieda Peycke

Ain’t It Fine Today (1920) - Phyllis Fergus
Lie Awake Song (1922) - Phyllis Fergus
Lost Illusions (1932)- Frieda Peycke


Upon a Broken World (2019–2020) - Lisa Neher (b. 1985)
September, 1918 (Amy Lowell)
Good Bones (Maggie Smith)
Small Kindnesses (Danusha Laméris)

Excerpt from The Red Fan (1893) - Nettie Arthur Brown (1864–1914)
I Don’t (1921) - Phyllis Fergus
A Lesson with the Fan (1898) - Guy d’Hardelot (1858–1936)

The Canoe (1916) - Phyllis Fergus
Husbands (1942) - Frieda Peycke
The Usual Way (1914) - Phyllis Fergus

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