November 13, 2013

ElectroAcoustic Music Macomb (EAMM) Concert - curated by James Caldwell
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: COFAC Recital Hall
Free and open to the public.

John McMurtery, flute
Julieta Mihai, violin
Paul Paccione, computer
Daniel Richmond, computer
Adam Stombres, tenor sax, effects, computer
James Caldwell, Wii™ remote, computer


Texturologie 18: Six Scenes (2013) - James Caldwell
laptop ensemble:
Paul Paccione, Adam Stombres, Daniel Richmond, James Caldwell, computers

gathering light (2011) - Benjamin Broening
violin and electroacoustic sounds:
Julieta Mihai, violin

Liquid Willows (2013) - Julieta Mihai
computer music on fixed media

Refraction (2013) - Adam Stombres
tenor sax and effects
Adam Stombres, tenor sax and effects


Texturologie 16: Owl Tree Gongs (2013) - James Caldwell
computer and Wii™ remote & computer

and gives to airy nothing (1993) - James Caldwell
electronic music on fixed media

Bebop in the Forest of Lonely Rhythms (2012) - Jon Christopher Nelson
flute and interactive electronics
John McMurtery, flute

The 2013 edition of ElectroAcoustic Music Macomb features very recent electronic music with faculty and student performers, the traditional formats of fixed digital media alone and with instruments, live processing, interactive computer music, and laptop ensemble.

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