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Elementary Education at WIU

This week's Program Spotlight is Elementary Education!

  • Many scholarship opportunities including Golden Apple Scholars and the Great River Teacher Corps.
  • Opportunities to teach 180-280 hours as teacher assistants, aid, & tutors prior to student teaching, with guaranteed placement for student teaching.
  • College facilities include the 12,000-unit Children's Literature Examination Center, 18,000-unit Curriculum Library, state-of-the-art Interactive Multimedia Lab and WIU Infant/Preschool Center licensed daycare and lab training site.

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  Why WIU?

Sarah Dooley, a Liberal Arts and Sciences student at WIU-QC from Moline, IL, was captivated by the people, programs, and opportunities at WIU. She acknowledges HRM Professor Susan Stewart and English Professor Everett Hamner for their significant contributions to her online success.

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Audrey Lamb

Many Opportunities

QuoteWestern understands its students, our university is designed for students to make their education what they want it to be. Our flexible course offerings with online and in person choices allows for me to balance music, work, and classes while still having time to volunteer in my community or spend time with my family. I'm so thankful to have found Western, it never fails to grant me with opportunities.

— Audrey Lamb, Undergraduate Student, English

Ella Lingafelter

Hear from Alumni

QuoteThe scholarships offered at WIU have completely covered our costs for tuition and materials and I cannot express how grateful I am for this. I truly believe the support I have received from everyone at WIU has allowed me to be where I am today.

— Ella Lingafelter

Eli Sadler

Just Hired!

QuoteReflecting on my journey through the WIU program, I realize the invaluable lessons it imparted, particularly emphasizing the significance of patience and continuous growth. The pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, and the WIU program instilled in me the ethos of perpetual advancement within the field.

— Eli Sadler, Museum Studies 2024