students in graduation caps and gowns walking in front of Sherman Hall students in graduation caps and gowns walking in front of Sherman Hall

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Academic Spotlight

Special Education

  • The State of Illinois grades the Special Education major as Exemplary for equipping our students with subject expertise, teaching experience, and skills needed to be successful with students
  • 900+ hours in the field including student-teaching means that your skills and resume are on-point
  • Faculty and staff dedicated to academic and professional growth including academic advisors, student teaching and credential specialists

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Center for Performing Arts Named in Honor of Former WIU President Alvin Goldfarb

Dr. Goldfarb left an indelible mark on Macomb and Western. Beyond his art, beyond his leadership, and beyond his courage and determination, it is his passion and dedication to his students, and the people around him, that makes him exceptional. Humanity, empathy and the will to get it done; that's what went into his vision for then the performing arts center and now the Goldfarb Center for Performing Arts.

—Billy Clow, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication

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Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

The WIU NOYCE grant addresses the teacher shortage in West-Central Illinois by funding scholars intent on becoming secondary STEM teachers in high-needs districts in the area.

— Bob Mann, Professor, Mathematics and Philosophy

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Gateway for the Next Generation of ATF Agents

Having graduated from WIU in 1998 and interned with ATF, I can attest that WIU provides the foundation necessary to secure a position in federal law enforcement.

— Anthony Zito, Special Agent/Certified Explosives Specialist (CES) and Certified Fire Investigator (CFI)

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