Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry

Why Choose Forensic Chemistry at WIU?

  • Student training by faculty on modern instrumentation used in industry, academia, and government laboratories
  • Hands on research experience available for each individual student, which can lead to funded trips to state and national scientific conferences and publication of journal articles with faculty
  • Develop cutting edge laboratory skills which will provide employment opportunities in crime labs as well as the ability to pursue biotechnological, chemical, clinical, food, environmental, and pharmaceutical careers
  • The most comprehensive degree program encompassing all aspects of forensic chemistry including crime scene investigation (CSI), expert testimony, methods in the analysis of physical evidence (including finger printing, firearms, tool marks, glass, hair, fiber, drugs of abuse, dried body fluids, DNA, metals, paints, soils, fire accelerants, explosives, paper, and ink), and methods of analysis of different toxicological specimens (including blood, urine, saliva, sweat, hair, vitreous humor, stomach contents, and various tissues)
  • One of the first forensic chemistry programs in the United States

Program Availability

  • Macomb

Job Placements of WIU Graduates

  • FBI Crime Lab, Quantico, VA
  • National Center for Drug Free Sport, Kansas City, MO
  • Illinois State Police-Morton Forensic Science Center
  • Monsanto Company, Muscatine, IA
  • PhD placements at Texas A&M, University of Illinois, University of Iowa, and Purdue University