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Civil Service Handbook

For Employees and Supervisors
Human Resources Department, Western Illinois University
Last Publication: Fall 1997

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We are glad you have chosen Western Illinois University as your employer, and we hope that this Handbook will assist you during the course of your employment. Western Illinois University is governed by the WIU Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor.

This Handbook has been prepared to familiarize Civil Service employees and supervisors with many of the current benefits, requirements, and policies that pertain to their employment. Included are official University policies, Board of Trustees Regulations, and the rules of the State Universities Civil Service System of Illinois. When applicable, the Handbook also references important information regarding federal and state laws and provisions of the State Universities Retirement System.

If you are in a position represented by a collective bargaining agreement, the policies and procedures described in those agreements apply when they differ from those described in the Handbook.

Information summarized here is subject to change, as University, Board, and state and federal regulations are revised, added, and deleted. This Handbook is not intended and shall not be construed to form a contract between Western Illinois University and its employees, and this Handbook does not create any contractual rights between Western Illinois University and any prospective or current employee. The statements of policy contained in this Handbook do not give employees any greater rights than those afforded them under the State Universities Civil Service System statutes and rules.

The information contained in this Handbook is necessarily brief. If you have questions that this Handbook does not answer, additional information is available from Human Resources.

The General Information and Procedures section is prepared by the WIU Human Resources Department and complied in alphabetical order with cross references. The information is subject to additions, deletions, and modifications. Employees and supervisors are encouraged to contact Human Resources to verify information.

Civil Service Handbook


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