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Appendix J - Policy on Distribution of Printed Materials and Collection of Signatures

To promote the free exchange of ideas, Western Illinois University permits students, faculty, employees, and the general public to distribute printed materials and to solicit signatures on the campus, subject to the time, place, and manner restrictions set forth in this policy. This policy does not cover for profit transactions. The University's policies on commercial and charitable solicitation and the appropriate policies covering University Union and Residence Hall policies should be consulted for regulations governing the conduct of for profit transactions.

Distribution of Printed Materials or Solicitation of Signatures

I. Conduct and Manner Restrictions

  • Those who distribute printed materials or solicit signatures on the campus must not:
    1. attempt by repeated demands, threats, or otherwise, to coerce passersby into accepting or paying for materials;
    2. interfere with, impede, or cause blockage of the normal flow of traffic;
    3. commit any act likely to create an eminent safety or health hazard;
    4. accompany the distribution of materials with loud or raucous sounds likely to disturb others solely by reason of their decibel level;
    5. interfere with or disrupt any other lawful activity by anyone else lawfully in the same general location at the same time; or
    6. post materials on any walls, windows, doors, sidewalks, trees, light poles, etc., or any other University equipment.
  • Distribution of the following materials is prohibited:
    1. material that is either libelous, or, under current legal standards, obscene; and
    2. material that is likely to incite or produce eminent lawless action.
  • All printed material in whatever manner distributed must identify the issuing person(s) or organization(s).

II. Enforcement

A. Violations

Alleged violations of this policy should be reported to the Director of the University Union, who after consultation with the Vice President for Administrative Services, will determine whether or not a violation is occurring. The aid of the Office of Public Safety may be requested to assure compliance with this policy. Upon a determination by the Vice President for Administrative Services and the Director of the University Union that a violation is occurring, the Office of Public Safety shall inform the person(s) responsible that the violation and/or activity must cease.

B. Penalties

Violations of this policy may result in withdrawal of permission to distribute printed materials or to solicit signatures. The University reserves the right to confiscate materials whose distribution is prohibited by this policy. Individuals may be prohibited from entering any area of the campus and be excluded from the campus if this policy is violated. Failure to comply with a cease and desist directive may lead to arrest and prosecution and/or result in enforcement of sanctions through the University Student Judicial Process.

C. Appeals

Initial determinations that violations of this policy have occurred may be appealed to a review committee composed of the Vice President for Student Services, the Administrative Assistant to the President/Affirmative Action Officer, and the Vice President of Advancement and Public Services (or their designees).

Appeals should be in writing and should be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Student Services within five (5) working days after initial determinations. Additional information on the procedures for review may be obtained from any of the above offices.

April 12, 1985
Leslie F. Malpass, President

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