Human Resources

Appendix B - Clean Air/No Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in public areas of University owned or leased buildings. "Public Area" is defined as any enclosed indoor area used by the public, including but not limited to reception areas, lobbies, rest rooms, offices, elevators, food preparation and serving areas, stairways, classrooms, conference rooms, employee lounges, hallways and laboratories of all types. This policy will apply to all University buildings with the exception of residence halls and graduate and family housing.

Smoking related complaints should be directed to the building representatives. In cases in which deliberate and continual violation of this policy occurs, complaints should be forwarded to Human Resources or Judicial Program Office as appropriate. Action will be taken by the applicable unit.

The University will allow employees to attend clinics to quit smoking during regular working hours. The employee may elect to use sick or vacation leave time. Further, information about Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to quit smoking may be obtained at Human Resources, Sherman Hall 105.

January 1, 1995
Donald S. Spencer, President

Civil Service Handbook


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