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Educational Benefits

(BOT II,C,7,h)

Tuition and fee waivers are granted to employees in status positions who enroll in courses at Western Illinois University up to the following credit hour maxima:

  Academic Term Annual
Full Time Employee 6 c.h. 18 c.h.
3/4 Time Employee 4 c.h. 12 c.h.
1/2 Time Employee 3 c.h. 9 c.h.

(This includes employees on probation, temporary layoff, and temporary leave.)

Break time cannot be used to "make-up" time for class attendance. Employees are encouraged to enroll in courses having scheduled class hours outside their scheduled work hours. For courses held during the employee's work schedule, the employee may be excused to attend classes subject to a maximum of 4 clock hours per week or the number of clock hours required to attend one course, whichever is greater. Requests for excused absences to attend classes must be submitted to the supervisor for approval prior to enrollment and request for waiver of tuition. See Tuition Waiver.

  1. A waiver of tuition and fees for Civil Service employees applies only to courses for credit or courses for audit when enrollment is requested by supervisor as necessary for performance of the duties of the position.
  2. Waiver of tuition and fees applies to Continuing Education credit courses as well as to courses regularly taught on campus.
  3. Fees that are to be waived in addition to tuition are registration, application, credit evaluation, admission, activity, graduation, textbook rental, and service.

Fees related to proficiency examinations and laboratory fees are not included in this list and are not waived.

Employees on probation, seasonal layoff, disability, or temporary leave are eligible to enroll in classes and receive tuition and fee waiver benefits. When such approval is granted, employees shall "makeup" time at the discretion and approval of the supervisor by:

  1. Working outside regularly scheduled hours or
  2. Deducting time spent in class from the employee's vacation or compensatory time balance.

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Educational Benefits for Retirees/Employees' Children

An employee who has retired from Western Illinois University shall be eligible for a waiver of tuition and fees at WIU as specified above for one-half time employees. (See BOT Regulation II.C.7.h.).

The natural, adopted, foster, or step-children and the spouse of any status employee under full-time employment (including employees on sick leave or compulsory disability leave) who dies while in service at the University shall be entitled to a waiver of tuition and fees up to and including the baccalaureate degree at the University. Should both parents be full-time employees, the death of one parent shall make the child eligible for the waiver of tuition and fees. Children of a divorced employee are eligible for waiver of tuition and fees if such employee was contributing to their support at the time of death. (See BOT Regulation II.C.7.h.). Contact Human Resources, 298-1853, for additional information.

50% Undergraduate Child Tuition Waiver

The natural, adopted, or step-children of any Western Illinois University employee who has been employed for a total of at least 7 cumulative years by the University, is eligible for a 50% undergraduate tuition waiver upon application if the child is under age 25 at the commencement of the academic year, qualifies for admission, maintains satisfactory progress toward graduation, and has not used this waiver for 12 academic terms shall, upon application (See BOT Regulation IV.B.2.a.).

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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service free to all University employees eligible for benefits and their families. The EAP provides positive, professional assistance to individuals experiencing some type of personal problem, e.g. marital or family problems, emotional stress or depression, alcohol or drug dependencies. An eligible person can see an EAP counselor up to 3 times for any one problem.

To contact the EAP, call 1-866-659-3848. Tell the operator if you have an emergency and a counselor will return your call; otherwise, the operator can schedule an appointment for you. For more detailed information about the program, contact EAP or Human Resources.

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University Union Box Office

The University Union Box Office, located at the Information Desk of the Union, has tickets available for the University community for a wide variety of concerts, plays, and special events held throughout the year at WIU. For those who enjoy cultural performances, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs presents programs from many world-renown artists through its increasingly popular Artist Series. A season ticket for all performances in this series may be purchased at the box office or tickets for individual performances in the series may be purchased by those persons unable to attend all events. The Bureau also sponsors the Free Series Elite which, together with the Artist Series, offer the University community a unique opportunity to enjoy the talents of many popular professional entertainers.

The University Union Board, through its Pop Concerts Committee and Performance Spectrum, presents outstanding performers who come to WIU with an exciting array of talent designed to appeal to all members of the University community.

The sports fan may purchase tickets to all WIU home basketball and football games as both reserved and non-reserved tickets are available. Tickets for other popular special events such as the Madrigal Dinner and the Summer Music Theatre are available to the public at the Union Box Office. For more detailed information concerning scheduled games and performances at WIU, contact the box office by mail or by phone (298-1254).

Fine Arts

The University Music Department presents over 75 recitals and concerts by student organizations, ensembles, and faculty members each year. In addition, the College of Fine Arts cooperates with other University groups to bring outstanding national performers to campus. Programs are usually presented in Hainline Theatre and the University Union.

Regular art exhibits are shown in three campus buildings. The University Art Gallery located behind Sherman Hall is changed monthly presenting a variety of traveling shows from other colleges and art museums. Each year an annual student show is exhibited as well as an annual faculty show.

The University Union and University Library also feature traveling exhibits throughout the year.

The University Theatre presents four mainstage dramatic productions each year in Hainline Theatre. In addition, showcase and experimental productions are given in Horrabin Hall Theatre and Simpkins Hall Theatre regularly during the academic year. The Summer Music Theatre presents three major Broadway Musicals each summer in Hainline Theatre.

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Equal Opportunity Policy

As an equal opportunity employer, the University affords all employment opportunities to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability, status as a Vietnam-era or disabled veteran in all recruitment, hiring, upgrading, transferring, wage and salary administration, termination, and training activities. For the complete Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, see Appendix N.

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Examination Scheduling Procedures

Civil Service positions are classified as to type with minimum qualifications established by the State Universities Civil Service System. Individuals interested in taking an examination(s) should contact Human Resources, Examination Division. Employees may test during work hours with their supervisor's approval without use of accrued vacation leave. Call Human Resources regarding testing dates and times (298-1971).

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